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Buzz changes to watch for this week (2016-10-03)

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member
  • Updated:

A preview of changes coming in this week's release.

In this week's release, you will see the following changes:

  • Resubmission allowance: As of October 6, 2016, students using Buzz will be allowed to resubmit activities as needed, and teachers will have access to every submission. Students will be able to resubmit as long as:
    • The activity's submission deadline has not passed.
    • The original submission has not been graded. Once graded, the student must ask the teacher to Allow Retry with the Grade Editor to resubmit. If a teacher happens to be grading an activity while the student is in the process of completing a resubmission, the grade is applied the original activity and the teacher is notified of the resubmission once it's entered.
  • Rich Text Editor links: As of October 6, 2016, Buzz's rich text editor will allow users to link to course resources.
    1. This function will be included as an option within the Hyperlink button.
    2. The Insert course link functionality will also be included as an option within the Hyperlink button, and you will no longer see this button on the toolbar.

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