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Release Notes (2016-08-04; v2.0.61)

Ryan Richins
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.61, available on August 4, 2016.

Editor goes live

On June 2, we announced a new course editing experience. Since then, many Buzz users have started using the feature and providing feedback, and we have been working hard to refine and enhance the Editor. We are now proud to release it to all of our users.

As previously announced, the new Editor was turned on for all schools and accounts yesterday (August 4). If your school needs more time for training and transition, you can reach out to your account manager to discuss the possibility of delaying it.

We are excited for you to get to know the new Editor and all of its features. To learn more, check out How do I use the new Editor (beta) tool? If you wish to have additional training opportunities, you may:

  1. Request the PD course “Buzz Skills Course (Facilitator/(new) Course Editor)” for your organization.
  2. Request virtual training time with one of our Buzz expert trainers.


Editor (beta) updates

We've added time-saving bulk edits to the Editor tool's Activity List. Additions include Remove due date, Change late-submission policy, and Change passing score.

Editor (beta) updates

Rich text editor updates

We've updated the rich text editor to:

  • Allow more font sizes and colors, including the ability to enter a color's hexadecimal number.
Rich text editor updates
  • Provide a full screen mode, giving you much more space to create lessons, especially when providing feedback! This mode is available the Editor tool and when providing feedback in the Activity Grader and Grade Editor.

Other updates

In this release, we:

  • Made many updates to the Teacher app to improve accessibility for users with a visual impairment. While many of the updates were under-the-hood, users may notice improved keyboard navigation throughout multiple tools and slight style changes to selected and focussed buttons and menu options.
  • Updated the Activities tool to allow teachers to browse a SCO activity (where allowed) by using the browse toggle in the toolbar.
  • Updated the Courses tool to allow administrators to make bulk updates to courses using course templates settings.
  • Updated the upload resource window to specify which file types are accepted where there are limitations.
  • Updated the rich text editor to allow hyperlinked images.
  • Updated the Teacher app to allow teachers to switch to the Student app (via the User Menu) if they have old student enrollments.
  • Provided admins the ability to switch to the Teacher app to create courses if they have appropriate permissions. Previously, a user had to have a teacher enrollment to do this.

Editor (beta) updates

As part of our continual efforts to improve the new Editor tool, we:

  • Updated activity menu in the Scheduling tab to give users the options to Remove Due Date, Remove Visibility Date, and Remove Grade-Release Date.
  • Updated Badge image styles for consistency.
  • Simplified assessment security settings, so that course authors only need to provide a password if they wish students to be required to enter one for each attempt.

Fixed issues

In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue where the icons attached to bookmarks would resize based on the length of the accompanying bookmark title.
  • Updated Bookmark field language to clarify confusion between "roles" and "applications" (e.g., Student, Teacher, Admin).
  • Fixed an issue where an admin could upload a resource by providing a name and without a file.
  • Fixed an issue where Flash videos/content created in BrainHoney would not display.
  • Fixed issue where custom menu entry pages would not load.
  • Fixed an issue where the Performance tool would not display changes associated with selecting a new group without refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not access and add resources using the Embed content button in the Agenda and Landing Page rich text editors.
  • [Firefox] Fixed an issue where the code preview would not display the embedded content when using the Embed content button in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown menus in the Wiki rich text editors would open inside of the content frame instead of on top of them, so users could access the options.
  • Fixed an issue where feedback templates in the Grade Editor and Activity Editor would not display attached dimages if multiple lines of content where included.

Editor (beta) fixes

As part of our continual efforts to improve the new Editor tool, we:

  • Fixed issue where adding a link could move the text cursor to the front of the content.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to an activity's custom meta-data would not update without refreshing the page.
  • Corrected the Metadata tooltip regarding field requirements.
  • Removed the ability to delete objectives when viewing them in Activity Editors.
  • Fixed an issue where images inserted into a question would not appear in the question editor even though they would appear in the question preview.
  • Fixed an issue where a Library search would report OpenEd results when there were none.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not preview a newly created linked question until the assessment was saved.
  • [Firefox & IE11] Realigned "Choose Resource" with the resource input field in the Embed Content dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz would attempt to save question edits to where the question originates from instead of in the course the user is editing it in.


Updates in version 2016.8.2.1884. Learn more.
  • Updatecourses: Allows for the changing of a schema 2 course to a schema 3.

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