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Editor: Basic Skills Course

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Course Overview

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The Buzz Skills: Editor Course is designed to help teachers become skilled at creating and editing content  to guide students learning. The Editor Course aims to grow course creators’ platform knowledge, creativity, and content development skills. The ability to create content,  and view it from both the teacher and student perspective allows authors to build content that is both functional and meaningful for student use and understanding.  This course is an online, self-paced course that allows editors to interact with the content and platform tools so they can gain an understanding of the tools they have at their disposal.

How do I self-enroll?

  1. Copy this code: vm.9g2#5
  2. Go to your domain and paste the code in your Profile settings. (Need help? Follow the remaining steps)
  3. Click here to go to the self-enroll help page.

How do I get a copy for my organization?

Organizations can deliver the training "in house". You can make a copy of our course and modify to fit your needs.

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how do you get a badge on this website?

Brian Williams
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Is this the documentation you are wanting? How do I create course badges?

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