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Release Notes ​​​(2016-04-14; v2​.0.43)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.43, available on April 14, 2016.

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Content Resizing

If a File or Web Site activity is set to fit the content to the available height and width, the activity will now resize if the browser window is resized.

Modified indicator

If a master course has enabled "Show indicator for edited content in derivative courses" in the Course Settings, users now see a "modified from original" label when viewing an activity that has been changed in a derivative course.



Beginning today, admins will see a new tab in the Domain tool: Licensing. Licensing allows system admins view how many total unique users are logging into the system and what type of permissions they have.

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When listing or searching for Users, admins now have a "Active users only" checkbox to limit the results.

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Admins now have an improved experience when creating badges. Simply follow the easy-to-use wizard and all badges will be available to teachers in both the Clipboard and the Curriculum Map.

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We are introducing a new help text style to better guide users in effectively using the Buzz platform. These Tips may briefly explain a feature, suggest ways to use it better, and/or link to more information. The first Tip is found when you create or assign a badge, but will begin to appear in other tools.

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Manage Courses

Teachers can now better view and manage their courses. In this version, teachers can create, view, and delete courses that they have permission to. Also, when listing the courses, you can visually identify if a course is a derivative of another by its indentation.

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Improved the vertical scrolling performance of the Gradebook when there are less than 50 students in the course.

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where printing an Assessment didn't always render every image. Now, when you select to print an Assessment, it generates a preview in a modal and then you select Print from the modal.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting an Assessment could fail if all answers were not provided.


  • Fixed an issue where no results for a domain selector was mislabeled as "No courses."


  • Fixed an issue where a rubric would not be properly removed from an activity after changing the Score entry dropdown to something other than "rubric".

Curriculum Map

  • Fixed an issue where the course title was not properly encoded.
  • Fixed an issue where a user editing a modal could accidentally close the modal just by clicking off of it.
  • Fixed an issue where some metadata fields would not display.

Digital Library

  • Fixed an issue where some searches would display an "input string" error.


  • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting content into the Buzz rich text editor could improperly change the style format of Buzz.
  • Fixed an issue where domain or course landing content could overlap dropdown menus or modals.
  • Fixed an issue where math equations would not display in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed an issue where teachers and admins could not use the Registration Code link to enroll in a course.


  • Fixed an issue where a student's total grade didn't always reflect the same throughout multiple screens.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting the Gradebook didn't always have subtotals for periods and categories.
  • Fixed an issue where files uploaded to Google Drive would display a blank screen when trying to preview in the Grade Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where Gradebook footers didn't always align properly.


Learn more at Agilix API Resources.
  • ListQuestions, GetCourseHistory, GetRubricStats, GetItemAnalysis, GetItemAnalysis2, GetCreditBalance, GetCreditHistory, SpendCredits, TransferCredits: Fixed an issue where invalid JSON was in the response.

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