How do I set up my domain password policy?

  • Updated:

Secure your user's information with greater control over password requirements.

To set your password policy:

  1. Open the More menu in the toolbar of Domain Details.  
  2. Select Domain Settings.
  1. On the Authentication card, select Buzz in the Type dropdown.
  2. Indicate if you want to Allow users to create their own accounts.
  3. Set up your password preferences, including:
    • Minimum password length in characters.
    • Minimum character classes used, up to four (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, other).
    • The Number of unsuccessful login attempts before lockout.
    • The Minutes until lockout expires. By default, lockouts don't expire.
    • The number of Days until passwords expire. By default, passwords don't expire.
    • The number of Days to wait before you can reuse a password. By default, there is no wait.
  4. Save.

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