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Downloadable Videos

These videos are meant to support any person(s) that need assistance in transitioning to the Buzz platform.

At Agilix we know that any transition can seem overwhelming and our goal is to help make the transition process as smooth as possible. In an effort to reach this goal we have created Buzz Skill videos we use in our professional development courses and been asked if we could post them in a downloaded format so here you go!

Click here to access Buzz Tutorials

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Annette Walaszek

Hello Niki and Agilix Help,

When we click on the "Click here to access Buzz Tutorials" the following appears:

You need permission to access this site.

We've asked for permission but our request is "awaiting approval". Is there another way we can get the downloadable Buzz Skill videos to use with our teachers?


Annette Walaszek 

Annette Walaszek

Hello Niki and Agilix Help,

An update - I can sign in to my Microsoft account and am directed to the directory, but then see the following message:

That didn't work

We're sorry, but can't be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you.
Here are a few ideas:
Click here to sign in with a different account to this site.
If you're using this account on another site and don't want to sign out, start your browser in Private Browsing mode for this site (show me how).
If that doesn't help, contact your support team and include these technical details:
Correlation ID: 48ad019e-70fa-4000-ff68-bc849f90a66f
Date and Time: 7/3/2017 6:33:15 AM
Issue Type: User not in directory.
Access to the downloadable Buzz Skill Videos would be greatly appreciated!
Annette Walaszek
Robert Edward Lee

I'm uninstalling app because you seem to be nothing but liberal leftwingers

Linda Farrington

Hello Niki,


Will we be seeing an update soon to coincide with the new roll out of BUZZ?

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