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Release Notes ​​​(2016-04-21; v2​.0.44)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.44, available on April 21, 2016.

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Many updates were made to the Student and other apps to improve accessibility for users with a visual impairment. While many of the updates were under-the-hood, users may notice a difference with the High Contrast theme color and slight changes to the course/activity thumbnails and profile pictures.



Changed the previously titled Licensing tab to say Usage. Also updated indicators to improve usability and display a message to users that do not have a right to view Usage.

Curriculum Map


When importing or adding objectives to a course, the user can now clear any filter they may have created when searching for objectives.


Manage Courses

Updated the modal title to reflect the option that was selected in the Manage Courses menu. For example, if the menu option selected read View..., the modal title reads View Courses. If View/Delete..., then View/Delete Courses.


SCO activities

SCO activities now have a minimum height so the activity is always visible.

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where a non-gradable SCO activity would show a Buzz score prior to completing the activity.
  • Fixed an issue where a SCO activity could have multiple unintentional scrollbars.


  • Fixed an issue where an admin could not sort by the Status column in the Users tool.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a "Menu Entry" in Settings would could move it to the custom section.


  • Fixed an issue where the course title was not properly encoded in the Send Mail dialog.

Curriculum Map

  • Fixed an issue where a course link could be inserted for a Choice Activity, which is not applicable to all students.
  • Fixed an issue where a import/add objectives modal would close (without confirmation) if you clicked off of the modal.


  • Fixed an issue where Gradebooks could not be loaded if filtered by a group.


Learn more at Agilix API Resources.
  • GetEntityGradebook2: A group ID can now be used as the entityid.
  • Search2: A new command for searching indexed content.

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