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Improved badge creation (2016-04-14)

Brad Marshall
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Badges are a great way to acknowledge and award a learner’s progress and achievement. Students can take badges with them–beyond the classroom–to showcase their accomplishments.

On April 14, we will be revamping how badges are created and managed by an admin. Many of these changes were directly influenced by your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for your contributions!

Some of the changes include:

  • Create Badge: A new workflow to create a badge. No more need to understand “definition files” or XML. Simply select the option to add a new badge, fill out the form, upload an image, and save your new badge. Done.
  • All badges are created equal: Previously, there were two different types of badges an admin could create and manage: Automatic Badges and Badges. Automatic Badges could only be awarded for the completion of a course or a folder. Badges could only be awarded by a teacher from the Clipboard tool. Now, when creating a badge, you no longer distinguish how the badge will be awarded. This means that the teacher can choose any badge to be awarded for the completion of a course/folder or award it to an individual student for their in-class accomplishments.
  • Old “Badges” to be deprecated (removed): Now, this is where you get involved. When you receive this update on April 14, you will see the following two badge sections in your Domain Settings: Course Options:
    • Badges: This will be the new home for all badges from here on out. Your current Automatic Badges will already be included here, but you need to open and resave any that you created to ensure they function properly. To do so:
      1. Click the pencil (edit) icon next to each.
      2. Verify that the content is correct.
      3. Click OK.
      4. Click Save.
    • Badges (soon to be deprecated): The rest of your badges will be temporarily housed here until this summer. To continue using any of them moving forward, you will need to recreate them in the first Badges section. We’ve included all Buzz-provided badge graphics from this section at the bottom of this article for easy download.

We’re excited about these new badge creation tools. If you have any questions or comments, please let us or your account manager know!


  • April 14: The new Create Badge workflow becomes available to admins. Teachers can select any type of badge to be automatically awarded or granted manually to a student.
  • Summer 2016: The badges in the section Badges (soon to be deprecated) are removed.

Buzz-provided badges to be deprecated:

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