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Release Notes ​​​(2016-03-03; v2​.0.38)

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.38, available on March 3, 2016.

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Rubrics are a great way for teachers to evaluate a student's performance, provide quality feedback, and be consistent in their scoring. Starting today, we are beginning to introduce a new rubric experience, both in creating and assessing, to improve teacher efficiency and feedback. This new rubric experience is first available for gradable activities created in the Clipboard. Over the coming weeks and months, it will be expanded to other parts of Buzz.

Some new features for these rubrics are:

  • Levels: Levels are the column headers in the rubric and define the possible evaluations a grader can choose for each criterion or dimension. For example, the first level could be "Needs improvement" while the last level could be "Expert." A rubric can have many levels.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions are the rubric's rows and define the criteria to be evaluated. If the rubric is evaluating a student's presentation, some dimensions could be "Eye contact," "Body language," "Organization," etc. For each dimension, the teacher can specify what the total possibly points are. For each level of each dimension, the teacher can specify the max points and provide a description.

When grading these new rubrics, a teacher just needs to select the level for each dimension and the max points for the selected field are awarded to the student. The teacher can manually type in the score and see the applicable level highlighted.

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In addition to adding students to a course, teachers can now add other users to a course. Whether adding another teacher or another type of user, this allows teachers to more fully manage their course enrollments without having to work through an admin.

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Other Updates


Course Home

We no longer display a user's end date field on the Course Home if the user does not have a valid end date.



Admins can now use the signature algorithm SHA-256 when configuring SAML authentication for their domain. In Settings, simply select your preferred algorithm (SHA-1 or SHA-256) for the SAML under Integrations.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

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If a teacher has the Enrollment Status column enabled, active student enrollments for which the end date has passed are marked "Expired."

Progress calculations

When a student's progress or completion percentage is displayed, it now takes into consideration the activities that have been excused. This provides a student with a better awareness of how many activities that have been completed, either through mastery or teacher exceptions.

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Student Report

When a teacher wants to run a Student Report on a particular student, they can now select a browser button to find a student in addition to typing in the student's name.

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Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where inserted equations didn't always render correctly in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed an issue where observers could not download their observed students dropbox submissions.


  • Fixed an issue where a student could upload a profile picture even though the domain settings prohibited it.
  • Fixed an issue where the user/course browse button in Reports was not aligned correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where User Activity Reports "Max Users" option was not properly returning the amount of requested users.


  • Fixed an issue where the help text for searching for a student, quick list, or group, was partially covered.


  • Fixed an issue where observers could not see all announcements for a single course.

Curriculum Map

  • If a teacher has the Enrollment Status column enabled, active student enrollments for which the due date has passed are marked "Expired."
  • Fixed an issue where the Add button may not appear for a Choice Activities folder.


  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer] Fixed a few hidden errors to improve system performance.


  • Fixed an issue where a cell in the Gradebook for a student score could wrap to two-lines.

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