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Release Notes ​​​(2016-03-24; v2​.0.41)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.41, available on March 24, 2016.

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Domain Landing Content

Admins can now add content to be displayed on a student and teacher's Home page. This content can be inherited from multiple parent domains, allowing districts to post a message in addition to a school.

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Added placeholder text to Add Background options in Styles & Themes to better inform the user of what is expected in each of the fields.

User Activity Report

The Enrollment Activity Details for a User Activity Report now includes the activity's (item) title in the downloaded report. Previously, only the activity (item) ID would be included which could make it hard to distinguish between the different activities.

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Calendar and Home

Tasks in continuous enrollment courses

Students can now create tasks in a continuous enrollment course and have them appear in the To-do List and in the Calendar.

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Activity Preview

Selecting the activity Preview button now opens the activity in a new tab/window. This allows the teacher to experience the activity in the Activities tool as a student would, but also allows for course links in the activity description to function properly.



When opening up a Gradebook with no personal preferences, the columns of Score and Letter are now displayed by default. You can disable these or enable other columns under Options.

Fixed Issues


  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer 11] Fixed an issue where both the Show Dropbox and Hide Dropbox buttons could display at the same time.
  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer 11] Fixed an issue where Buzz appeared to freeze when a student would select Save for an assignment dropbox.
  • Fixed an issue where an error "Unknown item type: Folder" would be displayed when navigating to a folder through a course link.


  • Fixed an issue where an admin could not download a previous version of a resource in the Resource History.
  • Fixed an issue where an admin could not filter the domains by a partial name.

Curriculum Map

  • Fixed an issue where a peer review rubric would not copy when copying the activity.
  • Fixed an issue where a teacher could not attach a Google Drive file to an activity when editing from Launch Syllabus.


  • Fixed a few hidden errors to improve system performance.


  • Fixed an issue where a student could have several events for the same Homework activity in the Activity Stream.
  • Fixed an issue where a student with teacher enrollments could have their Activity Stream crowded with teacher events.


  • Fixed an issue where parents or observers could not view the Calendar of a student.


  • Fixed an issue where a teacher could not properly sort by letter grade in Final Grades.

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