How do I integrate Turnitin (and other LTIs) with Buzz?

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Easily integrate Turnitin and other LTIs.

  1. Open the vertical menu in the toolbar of Domain Details.  
  2. Select Domain Settings.
  1. On the LTI 1.1 tools card, click Add.
  2. Provide:
    • The Hostname; use the URL that matches your location:
      • UK users:
      • All other users:
    • The LTI Key (your Turnitin account number)
    • The account Secret (configured by your Turnitin administrator in the Turnitin LTI integration setup).
  3. Save.

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  • To integrate other LTIs, follow these same steps using the proper information.
  • Consumer Keys and Shared Secrets are generated for individual institutions. Your institution should have the necessary information. 

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