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Student Orientation (Organization Copy Only)

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*This is course is for organizational purposes only and not available for individual participants.

This course will train participants on skills needed to navigate and complete a course as a student. The course will cover all the necessary skills needed to be successful in the Buzz platform including:

  1. Navigation Buzz
  2. Customizing the Dashboard
  3. Tracking Progress
  4. Submitting Activities
  5. Communication

Want this course for your organization? See instructions at bottom.


How do I get a copy for my organization?

The intent for these courses is for an organization to deliver the training "in house". You can make a copy of our course and modify to fit your needs.

You will have a choice as to which delivery model you prefer depending on the course you want:

1. Self-Paced: These courses are designed to be delivered to participants in a way they can progress at their own speed, time of day, and place they complete the course.

2. Face to Face: These courses are designed to be delivered in a face-to-face manner with a facilitator on location with participants.  

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Please contact Niki Humpherys with questions.

Niki.Humpherys@agilix.com   |   208-570-3063



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