How do I manage domain announcements?

Ryan Richins
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To create a domain announcement:

  1. Open the Domain tool from the Main Menu and select Announcements from the tabs bar.
  2. Click the New [plus sign] button in the toolbar.
  1. Complete the New Announcement window, by:  
    • Providing a Start date and an End date for the announcement; check the Display indefinitely box if you don't want an end date.
    • Checking the Domain wide box if you want the announcement posted to descendant domains.
    • Completing the Subject field.
    • Completing the body of the message with the rich text editor.
  2. Click Post.


  • The To field in the New Announcement window is automatically populated for you.
  • To delete an announcement, check its box and click Delete.
  • Click Edit in announcement's column to make changes.
  • Click Delete Expired to automatically delete all announcements with expired end dates.
  • To preview an announcement, click its link in the Subject column.

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Gideon Seaman

Is there a way to send announcements only to the teachers within a domain and its subdomains?

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Rebeca Bautista

Is there a way to list the announcements so that the current announcements is on the top of the list?

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