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Introducing a new Admin experience (2016-02-11)

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
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Admins have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they have to manage and support their domains, courses, and users, but they also have to make sure that everything is configured properly so their users can have a great experience. The entire Admin app has been rethought, redesigned, and rebuilt to help admins fulfill their tasks quickly and effectively––with several new features.

With the new Admin app, experienced users lose none of the data and management power they had with the old app, and they gain new, time-saving tools and features and access to even more information. As you use the new Admin app, you will notice some functionality that is familiar to the previous app, but it is much faster. Some exciting, new features that will help admins are:

  • Search: No matter where you are in the app, you can use the Search button to look for a domain, user, or course. Or, if you know the ID, no looking necessary. Just put in the ID and select Go. You will see the entity details immediately.
  • Roles: Admins can create and manage Roles for domain and course permissions. These new Roles are different from the roles used in BrainHoney. In Buzz, when you assign a role to a user, you can change the role’s permissions and users with that role will immediately receive the new permissions. BrainHoney never assigned a role to a user; it, instead, assigned a collection of permissions to a user, meaning that changes made to the role were not received by the user or enrollment.
  • User Performance: Need to view how a student is performing in all of their courses? When viewing User details, select the Performance tab to have an overview of all of their current and past courses. You can also Print the report for easier counseling.
  • Objectives: Admins can now create, manage, and define domain inheritance of Objectives using an easy-to-use interface. Having objectives established in the domain make it easy for teacher to import them into their courses and align them to their activities, allowing for mastery performance evaluation and reporting.
  • Blackout Dates: Continuous courses are critical for some schools. Students in these courses have a certain number of days to complete a class and often work alone. Buzz facilitates this model by calculating the due dates for the activities, taking into consideration the quantity of activities and their weight. This gives the student a realistic, personalized schedule to help them stay on track. With the addition of Blackout Dates, admins can specify dates on which students should not have activities due, and they are  automatically skipped in the schedule.
  • Settings: Say ‘goodbye’ to having to configure your domain with XML! Domain Settings can now be configured through a user interface to help admins meet their school’s needs.
  • Bulk Update: Things change. One moment you may want an apple, and the next, a carrot. Buzz now makes it easier to change a setting for multiple Courses, Users, and Enrollments at once. If you need to change all enrollments in a course to have a new end date, just select all of the enrollments and click Bulk Update. No more one-by-one.

We’re excited to have all admins use the new app. If you have any questions or comments, please let us or your account manager know!


  • February 1: Admins can choose to enable the new Admin app and start using it. See instructions below.
  • February 11: The new Admin app is automatically enabled for all admins.
  • Summer 2016: The old Admin app is removed.

What admins should know

  • Enabling or disabling the new Admin app is inherited by all subdomains unless explicitly overwritten by a subdomain.
  • To enable (prior to February 11):
    1. Open the Configure tool in the Admin app.
    2. Within the <settings> element, add the following configuration:
      <feature adminnew="true" />
    3. Save your customization.
    4. Refresh the browser page to see the new Admin app.
  • If previously enabled, to disable (prior to February 11):
    1. Open the Domain tool in the Admin app.
    2. Select Settings in the toolbar.
    3. Select the Advanced tab.
    4. Remove the text “adminnew” from Experimental Features.
    5. Save your changes.
    6. Refresh the browser page to see the old Admin app.
  • To prevent automatic enabling on February 11:
    1. Open the Configure tool in the Admin app.
    2. Within the <settings> element, add the following configuration:
      <feature adminnew="false" />
    3. Save your customization.
      NOTE: During the summer months, the old Admin app will be removed and users will not be able to use it.

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