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Release Notes ​​​(2016-01-28; v2​.0.33)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.33, available on January 28, 2016.

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Introducing Agendas! The new Agendas feature allows teachers to create and edit daily schedules that their students can access from the Course Home, helping them keep track of what was asked of them yesterday and stay on top of their teacher's expectations for today and the future. Teachers can enable this exciting new feature in the Curriculum Map and start using it today!

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A new Help button allows users to learn more about the tool they are using in one-click. Faster help, quicker accomplishment of tasks, happier users.

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Activity Stream

The Activity Stream has been improved to better inform students if they have received feedback on an activity. If a student has received feedback from a teacher, either typed notes or an attached file, the student now sees a "Click here for feedback" link below the activity in the stream. Clicking on the link opens the feedback in its own modal, allowing the user to quickly view the feedback, and then continue on with their tasks.

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Other Updates


Course Home

Teachers can now use color formating options (i.e., highlight, text color) for the Landing Page Content.

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Teachers can now use color formatting options (i.e., highlight, text color) for Announcements.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

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Digital Library

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy resources have been updated to include non-video content. Previously, the integration would only display video resources, but now users can select from any resource that the Khan Academy makes available.

General improvements

A few adjustments have been made to the Digital Library to improve usability.

  • Create Link button was renamed to Link to Activity.
  • Create Copy button was renamed to Copy Activity.
  • The Link to Activity and Copy Activity buttons now display how many activities are selected if more than one is selected.
  • The "select" checkbox of a folder or activity is aligned on the right to better distinguish from the Open and Preview links.
  • When previewing an activity, you can Select Activity to add it to your cart.

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Checkboxes and radio buttons

All checkboxes and radio buttons in Buzz have been slightly adjusted to allow for better usability and accessibility.


Course Card

If a Course Card is set to display points as the score, the value no longer displays decimals to better fit in the available space.

Create Course

When creating a course, the teacher is now able to see what role they are assigned. Previously you would only see which role would be assigned if there was an option to select more than one.

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For teachers, the Mastery screen in the Performance tool has been upgraded to display performance against objectives that are imported from the domain as well as those created in the course. Previously, only domain objectives were evaluated.

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When students are viewing the Performance overview for all of their courses, they can now select Show past courses to view past enrollments and their associated performance metrics. The user can also select one of these courses to view it in one of the tools (e.g., Activities).

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Mastery Report

The Mastery Report now includes course-created objectives and the performance against them.

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Fixed Issues


  • [Mozilla Firefox] Fixed an issue where students could not save or submit an Assessment with multiple choice questions.


  • Fixed an issue where some image resource was requested to be downloaded multiple times unneccesarily. This fix should improve some system performance for the user, especially when using the Activities tool.


  • Fixed an issue where, when a teacher would create a course end date (Create Course), it would have the course end at the start of the selected date rather than at the end of the day.


  • Fixed an issue where a user could not insert a file from Google Drive when the Buzz app was being used in https.


  • Fixed an issue where a teacher could not type spaces in a group name in Manage Groups.


  • Fixed an issue where the "Requested download..." message would continue to display for a user when they switched between the different tabs in Reports.

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