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Buzz Help improvements (2016-01-28)

Brad Marshall
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Contextual Help to answer your questions faster

On January 28, 2015, the Help system in Buzz will be improved to better assist learners and teachers in their education. The Help button will:

  • Be moved to the Main Menu, providing access to documentation in just one-click.
  • Be contextual. This means that if the page you are looking at has a related Agilix Help Center article, you will be directed to that article. So, if you are looking at the Performance tool, then the Help button will take you to an article that talks about the Performance tool.

In just one-click, you will now gain access to relevant information that you need.


  • January 26: Admins can experiment and configure, if necessary, their domain in the staging environment.
  • January 28: The new Help button is made available to all users.

What admins should know

  • <help-links> will no longer be used once the new Help button is released. If your domain uses <help-links> and continues to need similar functionality, please add <help-list> to your configuration.
    • Example
<help-links student="http://myserver.com/studenthelp" teacher="http://myserver.com/teacherhelp" parent="http://myserver.com/parenthelp" admin="http://myserver.com/adminhelp" />
     <help id="student" url="http://myserver.com/studenthelp" />
     <help id="teacher" url="http://myserver.com/teacherhelp" />
     <help id="parent" url="http://myserver.com/parenthelp" />
     <help id="admin" url="http://myserver.com/adminhelp" />
  • If a domain has any <help-list> entries, then the domain will not receive any Buzz-provided help documentation.
  • Domain admins can provide their own contextual help. If needed, please visit with your account manager for details.
  • All users will see the changes to the Help button on January 28.
  • The previous Help button will not be displayed in the User Menu. It will be located in the Main Menu.
  • How to use the staging environment:
    • To access your staging environment, insert your domain into the following URL: http://[insert_your_domain_here].echostaging.agilixapps.com.
    • Changes made in the staging environment using the new <help-list> of the Configure tool will appear in your live environment starting on January 28.
    • As you work in the staging environment, you may see other changes that are being implemented for the January 28 update; if you encounter problems, please report them to Agilix Support.

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