How do I use the Communication tool? [Teacher]

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Easily communicate with your entire class, groups, and individual students

When a new announcement is sent from a domain administrator, everyone in the domain gets a notification in the Communications icon in their toolbar and on their Home page next to Announcements.

Click on one of the icons to open the Communications tool, or open it from your Main menu.

These notifications also appear for your course members when you create a new announcement for your courses.

In the Communications tool, you can:

  1. Review announcements that you have sent and that you have received from domain administrators.
  2. Filter the displayed announcements by course.
    • To see expired announcements for a course, select that course in the filter (expired announcements from domain administrators cannot be accessed).
  3. Create and post announcements for entire classes.
  4. Compose and send messages to individuals or groups using their external email addresses.
  5. Edit or delete any announcements that you created for your courses by using the buttons that appear next to them.

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