How do I add content to the Digital Library?

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To add content to the Digital Library for users in your domain, create a course shell and populate it with the desired content by manually creating activities or uploading Common Cartridge content.

Once the course is created, set up a subscription and the content to appears in users' Digital Library using the domain name. To users, this course appears like any other content repository from which they can pull content.

Create and populate a course shell

  1. To create a new course, follow these directions: How do I create and manage my domain courses? Choose Create New in step 2 of the linked article if you want to start with an empty course shell. The title you give the course will be used in the Digital Library.
  2. Once you've created the course, select it from the Courses screen by clicking its Course ID.
  1. Use the Teacher app to populate the course. Directions for manually creating content can be found in this article and the articles linked to it: How do I set up my course structure?

Set up a subscription

With a subscription to a course, teachers can add content from that course to their own course using the Digital library. Users who are enrolled as Teachers in a course with shared content can access and add that content with the Digital library without a subscription.

To set up a subscription with the Admin app:

  1. Open the Courses tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Course ID for the content course you created using the steps outlined above.
  3. Follow steps 3-7 here: How do I add subscribers to a course? If you want the content available in all courses within your domain, choose Domain on step 4.



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