How do I create and manage domain roles?

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Roles in Buzz represent a predetermined set of permissions. Buzz includes a set of default roles; you can also create your own.

To create a new domain role:

  1. Open the Domain tool from the Main Menu, and select Roles in the tabs bar.
  2. Click the plus icon in the toolbar.
  1. Provide the new role's:
    • Name as you want it to appear for users in the domain (required).
    • Type, which filters the permissions listed below according to whether you want to create a Course- or Domain-level role.
    • External ID, which is any ID needed to align the role with an external program or application (optional).
  2. Check the boxes next to the permissions that you want included for the new role. The permissions are divided according to the component for which they give privileges.
  3. Save.

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  • To delete a role, check its box on the Roles screen, open the vertical menu in the toolbar, and click Delete.
  • Click Edit in a role's column to make changes; you can only edit a role if you are on the same domain.
  • You cannot edit or delete the preexisting Administrator, Owner, Student, or Teacher roles; these roles come from the domain root.

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