How do I manage and submit final grades?

Ryan Richins
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Use the Final Grades screen to review and adjust calculated grades, create and apply additional grading schemes, close enrollments, and submit final grades.

Open the Final Grades screen

  1. Open the Gradebook tool from the Main Menu and select the desired course.
  2. Review the grades you've entered to ensure they're ready for submission.
  3. Click the tools icon in the toolbar and select Go to final grades.
Open the Final Grades screen

Manage and submit final grades

On the Final Grades screen you can:

  1. Use Display options to specify what data you want displayed in the columns and use Grading Schemes to create new and edit existing grading models.
  2. Filter the results by Period or Group. "Periods" are defined by date ranges within a course for which you can provide final grades; this allows you to divide grades by date ranges without building additional courses. If you filter by Period and submit, you are only submitting final grades for that date range. (How do I create multiple grading periods within one course?)
  3. Use Submit Selected to save the displayed grades as final and submit them to any integrated SIS or other system for all checked students in the list.
  4. Use Mark Enrollments Complete to end enrollments for all checked students in the list. Doing this removes the course from students' active enrollments, so they won't see it in their Course Chooser or on their Home page; they can access it under previous courses in the Activities tool.
  5. Indicate how to handle unscored activities by choosing Zero All Unscored Activities or Excuse All Unscored Activities.
  6. Indicate which grading schemes you want used in determining final grades. For each student, Buzz takes the highest grade from among all of the checked grading schemes.
  7. Modify the Grade to Submit for each student without impacting the calculations by clicking it.

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Kelly Calderone

What if an instructor accidentally marks enrollments complete? How does he go about getting those students back into his grade book?

Robyn Hanan

I had a teacher mark a students grades as final, but wants to reverse that. How can we reverse the final grade process?

Jeff Lockard

We have teachers reporting that the checkmarks next to all Students in the class get checked when using the "Zero All Unscored Activities" radio button, even though only a few of the students were checked prior to clicking the radio button.

This is obviously dangerous and appears to be an issue with this native functionality that is broken.  Please advise if this is something that needs a separate ticket or if there is some configuration on our end causing this to happen.

Scott Taylor

Hello Jeff,

What you are seeing is the currently intended behavior when the radio button is toggled between those settings and this has been the behavior since the release of the current UI. We will take your feedback into consideration however for possible inclusion on the continued updates in the new UI.

Jeff Lockard

Is there a course or permission setting that would cause the Mark Enrollments Complete button to not appear for a specific course/teacher?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

If the teacher does not have the "owner" permission in a course, then they cannot change the status of a student. In this case, we hide the button because it is not a permission the user has.

Jeff Lockard

Thanks Brad!

Kristin von Tschirschky

Hello! Once a teacher marks a student complete, will that student continue to have access to the course in order to study for EOC exams? 

Scott Taylor

Hello Kristin,

When a student is marked as complete they will be able to view their past courses from the Performance tab home page, under the section "Show Past Courses". From there they can access the course in a read-only mode to review items.

Kristin von Tschirschky

Awesome. Thanks, Scott! 

Matthew Rieger

I don;t even know how to get to this menu! When I click on the three bars in the top left corner of the screen, I have the options "Student app", "Grades", "Calendar", "Communication", "Contact us", and "Course policies". I assumed what I was looking for was under "Grades", but when I click of it, it says that I'm not currently enrolled in any classes, and there are no buttons to press whatsoever. I have never seen anything like the screenshots shown in the explanation here. Please help!

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Matthew!

For a teacher, the grades page will populate with fields like unto what is shown in this help document when the teacher is enrolled in a course. Likewise, gradebook data will populate within the grades page if a student is enrolled in a course.

Elizabeth Camarena

The owner permission is enabled for our teacher and admin users, yet the submit final grades option fails to appear. Please clarify the additional permission that must be enabled in order for "submit final grades" to appear on the screen for our teacher and admin users. 

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member


The permission a user needs to be submit final grades is the "Submit final grades" permission.

Leigh Tillman

HI! Is there consideration at all to changing the default from having ALL students checked to having NONE checked? We have had multiple issues recently with full classes being inadvertently finalized. Thanks! 

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

@Leigh Tillman:

The checkbox next to student names within the final grades page is not selected by default currently. One may select the checkbox next to "Name" to select all students. Are you currently not experiencing this behavior as of today? 

Leigh Tillman

Thanks, Brian - with last week's update I believe it is now performing like we needed it to!

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