How do I use the Activities tool?

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On July 25, 2019, we introduced a new Buzz Activity Player. In order to ease transition, we are allowing users to continue using the previous tool until June of 2020.

This article includes content around how to use both tools in two sections: Old Activity Player and New Activity Player.

Old Activity Player

Use the Activities tool to review your course.

Open Activities for access to what your students see when they visit your Course Home and to review/test activities. You can also:

  1. Review and visit Course Links.
  2. Filter the results by period.
  3. Filter the results by Group.
  4. Collapse and expand the sidebar navigation for a wider screen when completing activities.
  5. Open the Clipboard.
  6. Get help with the app.
  7. Create and edit daily agendas for your students (if enabled).
  8. Add and/or edit the landing page content students see on visiting the Course Home.
  9. Select folders to see activities and the associated metadata, like landing page content.
  10. Create and/or review course, folder, and activity notes.

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New Activity Player

Use the Activities tool to review your course.

The Activities tool will be replaced by the new Activity Player where teachers can:

  1. Review, create, and edit daily Agendas.
  2. Filter the results by Group.
  3. Review Current projects.
  4. Review and visit Course Links.
  5. Filter the results by period.
  6. Review and edit activities and folders.

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Diane Slater

I just started Gradpoint with my first student and he was supposed to do the assess portion of the lesson today. When he went into the lesson they made him do it all over again. How do you save the work they did the day before?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Diane, I have been told that it would be best if you directed this question to Pearson GradPoint. They provided this website for these type of questions.


Thank you!

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