How do I set up score mapping for assessments?

Ryan Richins
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Use score mapping to give students additional performance indicators

With score mapping, you can use students' scores (in points) to generate custom performance indicators. For example, you could align each score with a grade level to help students understand how well they're performing in relationship to the expectations of someone in their grade.  

To set up score mapping:

  1. Open the Curriculum Map from the Main Menu.
  2. Create or select the assessment for which you want to set up score mapping and click the pencil (edit) icon.
  3. Under Gradebook Settings in the right panel, check the Score Mapping box and click Add.
  1. Give your map a Name.
  2. For each score you want mapped to another indicator (one per line), provide the:
    • RawScore: The minimum earned point value to map to the ScaledScore. Left justify this data on each line.
    • ScaledScore: The text or number that you want to represent each represented earned score (RawScore). Insert a space between the RawScore and this data on each line.
  3. Click OK to save the score map.
  1. Check the Visible to students box next to the score map if you want students to see the results. Students can find the results by opening the graded assessment in their Performance tool.
  2. Click Done.


  • You can create multiple score maps for one assessment by following steps 3-7 for each.


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