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Release Notes ​​​(2016-01-21; v2​.0.32)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.32, available on January 21, 2016.

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User Activity

The User Activity report has been enhanced in various ways to improve domain reporting for audits and evaluations.

  • Admins can now export Users without Activity. This report shows all users (i.e., students, teachers, admins, observers) that have not logged into the system during the specified time. Users must have active and current enrollments to be included.
  • The Enrollment Activity Details (User) export now displays Time Spent in seconds instead of minutes. This allows for more granular details and better options for calculating in spreadsheet software.
  • The Login & Logout Times (User and Domain) export now includes a Time in System (seconds) column. This column calculates how many seconds the user was logged into the system for the particular session.
  • The Enrollment Activity Summary (Domain) export now includes a Time in Course (seconds) column. This column calculates how many seconds the student enrollment spent in the course for the specified date range.

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Other Updates



When printing an Assessment, questions are now always displayed on the same page as the available answers. Previously, if a question appeared toward the end of one page, the answers could have been displayed on the next page.


Discussion activities now have pagination for more than 20 top-level threads. For each 20 threads, a page is added. Users can navigate through the pages at the top or bottom of the activity. This change along with some other enhancements allow discussion activities to load faster and perform better.

Sidebar Navigation

Users can now select the activity icon to navigate to the activity or open the folder.



We've enlarged the clickable area of the checkboxes used for adding students to the Clipboard to increase usability, especially on touch devices.



Required fields in a form are highlighted with your theme color.


To-do List

Similar to the Announcements, students can now collapse the To-do List. This allows for better navigation of course activities while temporarily hiding the activities that are due soon.



On the student's Performance dashboard (all courses), the user may display Enrollment End Date in the Visible Columns.

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User Menu

Enter Registration Code

The Enter Registration Code link in the User Menu is now available in all apps, including Admin, Teacher, and Parent. Previously, it was only available in the Student app.

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Fixed Issues


  • Once a formative assessment is completed, a message may display to the student indicating the mastery or lack of mastery. The message has been changed to more clearly communicate what has occurred and some typos were fixed.


  • Creating a gradable activity from the Digital Library would sometimes be corrupted.


  • The Create Course wizard would inaccurately require a start and end date to be entered when creating a continuous course.


  • Continuous courses set to flunk past due activities was not grading the activities.
  • The Groups participated in: field in the Grade Details of a Discussion activity would sometimes not be aligned properly.


  • Reports with date inputs were inaccurately using the current time for the selected day instead of the beginning or end of the day.

User Menu

  • The option Hide excused items has been renamed, for consistency, to Hide excused activities.


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