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Release Notes ​​​(2016-01-14; v2​.0.31)

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.31, available on January 14, 2016.

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Teachers can now add an evidence file (e.g., a photo of the associated project, the essay or assignment file, a screenshot showing improving performance, etc.,) when assigning a badge to students. This is a easy way to tie badges to a concrete achievement for students, making the awards more personal and showing the thought behind them.

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Teachers can now filter the students listed in the People tool by a saved Quick List or Group. To filter, simply expand the Filter options and type in the Quick List or Group name in the "List/Group" text input.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

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Students can now select the Performance tool and view a summary of all courses. From this screen, they can dive into a specific course, sort each column, enter a Self Assessment for each courses, and review other key metrics (score, progress, etc.).

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Other Updates


Formative assessment

When a student completes a formative assessment, they will now be notified if they have been excused or not from activities aligned to the mastered objectives. If the students performance excuses them from existing activities, the Sidebar Navigation will be updated immediately to reflect the activities that no longer need to be completed.

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Course Cards: Grade

Course Cards now display the grade in the view the teacher has defined for a course. For example, if the teacher has defined the course grade to be displayed as a letter grade, then a letter will be seen by the student. If the course is set to display the course grade in multiple formats, the priority of which grade to display is letter, points, and then percentage.

Course Cards: Progress

If a course is set-up to display student progress, students will now see a progress bar at the top of the Course Card indicating how many of the gradable activities have been completed. The fuller the progress bar, the larger the percentage.

Create Course

If there are multiple teacher roles available in a domain, teachers are prompted to select which role to assign themself when creating a new course.

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Activities with a rubric

If an activity is set up to use a rubric but the rubric does not exist, a teacher will still be able to grade the activity using total points. A student, when reviewing the score, will see the total score. However, when the student attempts to view the rubric it will show an empty rubric.

Grade Editor

In the Grade Editor, teachers can now change the color and highlight text in the Feedback, Template, and Private Note options. This allows for teachers to emphasize text in their feedback to a student.

These features were suggested in the Agilix Help Center, multiple times.

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User Menu

Settings: Hide excused items

Students can now have excused activities show in the Sidebar Navigation and Performance tools by unchecking "Hide excused items."

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Settings: Hide scores

If a student chooses to "Hide scores in sidebar navigation and activity stream," they now see a checkmark next to those activities in the Sidebar Navigation, indicating that they have received a score.

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Fixed Issues

Digital Library

  • The "Select All" checkbox was sometimes selected by default when browsing content.


  • In Grade Details, some table fields were not properly aligned.
  • In Grades, the activities in the Periods & Categories view would not be listed in alphabetical order if the category sequence was the same.

User Menu

  • In Settings, a user could previously select "OK" after providing an improperly formatted email address.

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