How do I use my Buzz Calendar?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member
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Use Buzz's Calendar to stay on top of your activities and due dates.

Calendar components

Once you open your Calendar from the Main Menu, you can:

  1. Filter the activities listed by:
    • Day, showing all activities due on the selected day.
    • Week, showing all activities due within the selected week.
    • Month, showing all activities due within the selected month.
    • All, showing all activities due starting on the selected day and after.
  2. Easily review events across weeks and months using next and back buttons.
  3. Automatically jump to the current day.
  4. Click Sync in the toolbar to sync with an external calendar.
  5. Hide (unchecked box) and show (checked box) deadlines from multiple courses at once.  

Where enabled by your teacher, you will see a plus sign in the toolbar you can use to create a new task for yourself.

Calendar components

Calendar information

Your Calendar displays the following types of information:

  • Activity due dates and course-specific blackout dates are represented by dots that are color-coordinated by course. When selected, details appear in the list view; click to open the activity or blackout date.
  • If your teacher has created an agenda, Agenda appears under that date in the list view. Click it to review the agenda.


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