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2015: Year in review

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
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As this year comes to a close, we are grateful for all Buzz learners and teachers…and their feedback. Last week's release is our last for the year, but we have much in store for next year and look forward to sharing with you the new tools and features that will improve your educational experience.

This year has been incredible for Buzz. Educators around the nation are embracing better learning models to improve our students’ education. Buzz supports and encourages these improved models by providing a solution in which students can have their education personalized for their needs, interests, and skills.

When we first announced Buzz in July at the Personalized Learning Summit, we were pleased by the excitement and reception. Since launch on August 18, we have been working each week to enhance the platform for better learning and teaching moments. From significant performance improvements to new features and tools, we have released weekly updates every Thursday for all but two weeks (Thanksgiving and AWS migration). These updates represent over 300 (18+ per release) new tools, features, and bug fixes. Many of which were directly influenced by your ideas and feedback.

We thank you for being members of our Help Center. We encourage you to continue sharing your Buzz tips, questions, and feedback; responding to other members’ discussions; and inviting other Buzz users to join. We love your participation and enjoy hearing from you.

Once again, thank you for the awesome year. Get ready for more exciting news in the year to come!

Happy holidays and happy learning,


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