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Release Notes ​​​(2015-12-03; v2​.0.27)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.27, available on December 03, 2015.

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Download Badges

Students can download newly assigned badges so that they can be uploaded to a badge manager.

Download badges

Print Grades

Students, parents, and teachers can now print a student's grades. Navigate to the student's Grades page and select the Print option in the toolbar.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

Print grades

Other Updates


Journal and Blog

When viewing a Journal or Blog activity, the list of users on the right side has been renamed to "Students" to better indicate that each name listed is a student of the course.

Sidebar Navigation

If only a single parent folder exists in a course, the folder now expands automatically allowing the user quicker access to the activities.



On the Activity screen, users can now see a daily total of time spent in the course next to each date label. The total time for all activity has also been moved to the top of the screen.

Total activity

Grade Editor

When grading Discussion activities, all posts are automatically expanded, allowing for quicker grading.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

Fixed Issues


  • Dynamically-sized content sometimes displayed with unnecessary scrollbars.
  • In the Course Home, if the Course Card does not have an image, the course abbreviation could display larger than the Course Card.
  • Activities restricted by mastery of another activity would not display properly in some cases.
  • RSS feeds would not display due to a third-party software change.
  • Some math equations in an assessment would not render properly.


  • When choosing a course in the Admin app for tools like the Curriculum Map, input labels would have two colons.


  • [iOS] When assigning an activity, some activity details could overlap the "Assign activity" button.

Curriculum Map

  • If too many standards were displayed when importing them, they sometimes displayed off of the modal.
  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer 11] Course names could extend off of the menu in the master/derivative course selector.
  • An "Objectives" label would display when previewing an activity from the Digital Library even though no objectives were listed.
  • Previewing activities when browsing the Digital Library could cause the browser to be unresponsive.


  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer 11] Inserting a math equation at the beginning of a text field would cause the browser to crash.
  • [iOS] Users could not search for a course and then hide the keyboard without closing the Course Chooser.
  • Users logged in with no enrollments would not see in the User Menu that they are logged into the Student app.


  • When grading from the To-do List, late submissions would not display red, indicating it was submitted after the due date.


  • The sorting arrow for the "Mastered" and "Not Mastered" columns in Mastery were not consistently aligned.
  • A grader could not close an activity preview when grading a submission for a group activity.
  • The colon following the "Members" label in the Grade Editor for a group activity was misplaced.
  • The "Posts" details could be misaligned in the Grade Editor.
  • When grading essay questions, the example response would not display.
  • The Grades screen would not display the course totals and category totals according to the defined view settings.

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