How do I manage Digital Library extensions?

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Easily add and manage content library extensions, like OpenEd, Equella, and Khan.

Buzz comes with Khan Academy and OpenEd content already integrated in the Digital Library; you can deactivate these easily.

You can also make content from various other online resources available in a Digital Library. These can include other courses within your district or organization as well as open sources like EdGate, OpenEd, and Kahn Academy.

To add an integration to your Digital Library:  

  1. Open the vertical menu in the toolbar of Domain Details.  
  2. Select Domain Settings.
  1. Select Integrations and scroll down to Library Extensions.
  2. Click Add, and:
    • Enter the extension ID (required).
    • Enter a Title.
    • Enter the Provider name.
    • Enter the URL.
    • Enter the Thumbnail URL.
    • Click the Enabled box to show in the Digital Library.
    • Select an existing integration to edit, disable, or remove it.
  3. Save.

Current content integration IDs

Use the following IDs to integrate with the currently supported content providers:

  • Equella: xliEquella
  • Khan Academy: xliKhanAcademy
  • OpenEd: xliOpenEd

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