How do I manage Digital Library extensions?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Easily add and manage content library extensions, like OpenEd, Equella, and Khan

Buzz comes with Khan Academy and OpenEd content already integrated. Currently, you can deactivate these extensions and/or add additional integrations to the Digital Library.

To add an integration to your Digital Library:  

  1. Open Settings in the Domain toolbar.
  1. Select Integrations and scroll down to Library Extensions.
  2. Click Add:
    • When integrating Equella, follow the directions below.
    • When integrating any other extension, enter the ID here and Save.
  • To edit existing integrations click the pencil (edit) icon.
  • To delete existing integrations click the garbage can (deleted) icon.

Integrating Equella

When integrating Equella:  

  1. Click the pencil (edit) icon and provide:
    • The extension ID (required).
    • The Title of this extension instance (Equella, for example, allows multiple instances to be added) (optional).
    • The extension Provider name. Use when you have multiple extensions of the same type (optional).
    • The URL for the extension (required).
    • The Thumbnail URL, which points to the image you want to use as the extension's thumbnail (optional).
    • An indication regarding whether you want to Show library in the Digital Library.
  2. Save.
Integrating Equella

Current content integration IDs

Use the following IDs to integrate with the currently supported content providers:

  • Equella: xliEquella
  • Khan Academy: xliKhanAcademy
  • OpenEd: xliOpenEd


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