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Buzz style changes (2015-12-17)

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
  • Updated:
An improved and streamlined Main Menu

Buzz style improvements will provide:

  • Faster tool selection from the Main Menu
  • More customization options

On December 17, 2015, Buzz's Main Menu will be receiving a few updates to improve the user's experience and customization. By default, all available tool icons will remain persistent on the screen when collapsed. This allows for a user to quickly know what tool they are interacting with and switch to a new one in one-click. Users can now click the Main Menu button to view the tools names and a new logo. As soon as a tool is selected, the menu collapses to only show the tool icons. Administrators will be able to play with the new menu in a staging environment to make sure their domain is configured to their needs before the change goes live on December 17.

Menu collapsed
Menu expanded
Menu hidden until clicked (if enabled by Admin)


  • December 15: Admins get access to configure their domain in the staging environment
  • December 17: All changes made in the staging environment go live.

What admins should know

  • Admins can Configure some new Main Menu preferences in the <defaultTheme>:
    • sideMenuLogo: Relative path to the logo to show on the expanded Main Menu. The logo will be scaled and centered to fit into a 260x56 area. The default image is the Buzz logo.
    • sideMenuIcon: The Bootstrap Glyphicon or Font Awesome icon name to use for the top left menu button. Prefix Font Awesome icon names with fa-. Default value is fa-bars.
    • hideSideMenu: Whether to show or hide the Main Menu when not expanded. The default is false.
  • All users will see changes to the Main Menu as of December 17.
  • The domain name and user's name is no longer displayed on the Toolbar. The domain name can be represented by the various logo placeholders and is still displayed as the first item in the Course Chooser. The user's name is displayed once the User Menu is expanded.
  • How to use the staging environment:
    • To access your staging environment, insert your domain into the following URL: http://[insert_your_domain_here].echostaging.agilixapps.com.
    • Changes made in the staging environment using the new features of the Configure tool will appear in your live environment starting on December 17.
    • As you work in the staging environment, you may see other changes that are being implemented for the December 17 update; if you encounter problems, please report them to Agilix Support.

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