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Buzz style changes (2015-10-01)

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
  • Updated:
New themes, more style customization, and improved performance!

Buzz style improvements will provide:

  • Faster loading times on initial sign-in
  • Immediate updates when selecting a new theme
  • New theme options
  • More customization options
  • More control over the sign-in screen

As of October 1, 2015, Buzz will no longer support Less style files to customize your domain experience. Instead, styles will be defined through the Configure tool and a CSS file. To ensure this transition goes smoothly, we will provide a staging environment where you can configure your domain. In this environment, you can make changes without impacting current users until it goes live on October 1.


  • September 24: Admins get access to configure their domain in the staging environment
  • October 1: All changes made in the staging environment go live.

What admins should know

  • The new styling features control:
    • The default theme color (toolbar, buttons, etc.)
    • The available theme colors
    • The available theme background images
    • The toolbar color if you don’t want users to be able to change it
  • Beginning on October 1, all Less files and variables in a domain will be ignored; this means that any styles defined using Less files will be lost.
  • All users will see changes to the sign-in screen theme options as of October 1.
  • Buzz users who have chosen themes will have to reset them as of October 1.
  • How to use the staging environment:
    • To access your staging environment, insert your domain into the following URL: http://[insert_your_domain_here].echostaging.agilixapps.com.
    • Changes to Less files will still impact your users until October 1.
    • Changes made in the staging environment using the new features of the Configure tool or the new CSS file will appear in your live environment starting on October 1.
    • As you work in the staging environment, you may see other changes that are being implemented for the October 1 update; if you encounter problems, please report them to Agilix Support.

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