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Release Notes (2015-09-10; v2.0.14)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.14, available on September 10, 2015.

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LTI Certification

LTI Certification

Recent updates to Buzz have made it compliant with IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards. Now, along with all other Agilix products, Buzz is officially conformed with LTI versions 1.0 and 1.1 as a Tool Consumer.

Learn more about LTI and how it could benefit your institution.

Other Updates


Edit Activity

Edit Activity button

When viewing an activity, a teacher can select the Edit Activity button in the toolbar to review or modify settings of an activity. This enhancement is a time-saver for users that need to make quick alterations to an activity.


Course Term

Course term

Academic terms now display along with a course title. This improves users' ability to navigate through many courses that may span across multiple terms.



When grading assessments, the ungraded questions will be listed first. This allows for graders to quickly grade assessments without the need to scroll through an assessment trying to locate ungraded questions.


Course completion percentage

When viewing grades, students can now see the percentage of completed activities. For courses that are more traditional or self-paced, this helps the user know how many more activities must be completed before the class is finished.



Hidden-from-students icon

In the sidebar navigation, the icon used to indicate an item is hidden from students has been updated to a briefcase icon to be consistent with the icon used in the Curriculum Map.

Performance: For Me

The For Me page for a student has been improved to provide additional context and clearer understanding. The columns order has been slightly adjusted, the activity thumbnail is identical to other parts of the app, and you can now see, at-a-glance, the Due Date of each activity.

Performance: Objective Mastery

Review objective-aligned activities

Students have an enhanced ability to review activities aligned with a learning objective. They can expand or collapse the aligned activities and click on them to navigate to the activity.

Fixed Issues


  • Timed assessments with a due date sooner than the time to expire, would not submit automatically once the due date passed.
  • A restricted activity's password error would persist when navigating to another restricted activity.
  • Teachers could not view content inside of folders that were "hidden from student" when using the simplified sidebar navigation.


  • When a teacher saved a draft of a score for a Choice Activity, they would not see the Saved Draft icon for the Status in the For Me report.
  • Making an activity gradable in the For Me page would not properly change the activity to a gradable activity type.
  • When grading manually, an assessment's total score would not calculate if each question was given a score of 0.
  • Viewing a submission that has been curved would not display the pre-curved score.
  • In the Gradebook, the overall Score would not change color (green or red) according to the passing score threshold for the course.
  • Importing scores into the Gradebook would not work if no table header existed.
  • Hiding lesson details in the Gradebook options would not remove them.
  • Category totals would not display in a Gradebook if it were the last category listed and had an ID of 0.
  • Overall scores in the Gradebook would not take into consideration personalized or choice activities.

User Menu

  • Changing a password would not require the Current Password to be entered to confirm the change.

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