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Release Notes ​​​(2015-11-19; v2​.0.26)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.26, available on November 19, 2015.

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Create Course

Teachers can now choose to Create New, Copy From Your Domain, or Copy Shared Course when they select Create Course from the toolbar. The revised Create Course window uses tabs rather than radio buttons. Learn more.

User Menu


Users can now choose to hide text titles in toolbar buttons, so they use less space. Users can still hover over the buttons to see the feature name.

Other Updates


Edit Activity

When a teacher edits an activity, it is now reloaded immediately to allow the teacher to preview it as a student would see the activity.


Equation rendering

Our equation rendering (MathJax) loads more dependably for users.


Self Assessment

To allow more information to be displayed without scrolling, the Self Assessment column headers are now abbreviated with the heart icon and hover text.


Grade Editor

Improved the performance of the Grade Editor to only load Analytics and other data once it has been requested by the grader.


On the Grades page for students, the activities are now displayed in a table and the status of the activity has its own dedicated column similar to the For Me page. Additionally, the Grades page is now listed as the first page in the Performance tool for students.

Fixed Issues


  • Students could not view another activity after viewing some types of File or Web Site activities.
  • Teachers could select Edit Activity from the toolbar while viewing a 'Choose an activity' screen.
  • The status or score of an activity would not be displayed in the sidebar navigation when navigating away from the activity.
  • When attempting to retry a matching question in a Homework activity, only the right column (answer options) would be reloaded and displayed.


  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer 11] Inserting only a hyperlink, math into a blank text field could cause the application to stop responding.
  • If an error occured while creating a new course, teachers would not be alerted but would see a "wait" dialog.
  • When attaching a Google Drive file, some buttons (Select, Search, etc.) failed to function at times.


  • Activities in a teachers To-do List would display scores poorly if points, percent, and letter were visible.


  • At times the letter grade did not sync with the score or points.


  • Exporting 'Score by activity' for the Gradebook Report would not include the activity scores when you only pick score.

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