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Release Notes (2015-09-03; v2.0.13)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.13, available on September 03, 2015.

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Print Assessments

Print assessments

Teachers (and students, if enabled by the teacher) can print assessments! This allows for students to prepare or complete an assessment off-line. To print, navigate to the assessment in the Activities tool and select Print in the action bar.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

View Grades by Syllabus Order

View by Syllabus Order in Grades

When viewing Grades in the Performance tool, students can now choose if they want to view their activities organized by Period and Categories or by Syllabus Order. Displaying by Periods and Categories will organize activities according to the category they are assigned while Syllabus Order is the order that the activities appear in the course.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings

Users can now choose whether they want to exclude their email address and/or name from external web sites. If elected to hide their information, the user's information will not be passed to third-party LTI providers. LTI providers are configured at a domain and course level.

Other Updates


Star Ratings

Activity ratings have been removed from Buzz. The information provided from it was not rolled-up and was confusing as to the intent of how it should be used.


Browser History

Viewing different pages in the Clipboard is now recorded in the browser history. This allows for a user to bookmark a particular Clipboard page to return to it later. Additionally, if you want to return to a previous page, you can use the browser back/forward buttons to do so.



All instances of the word "item," when referring to a course activity, has been renamed to "activity." This allows for greater consistency across the product and reduces confusion with the term "item," which is often associated with an assessment question in a learning platform.

Course Access

Parents access will now be limited to the parameters of the observed enrollment start- and end-dates. Parents will be able to access a course, as well as see it in Buzz, once the start-date begins until two weeks after the end-date.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.


To-do List

To-do List count

The teacher's To-do List has been improved to display a count of the total amount of activities to be reviewed or graded.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.



The Activities action bar's height (bar at bottom of screen to begin or submit and activity) has been reduced, so it covers less of the activity content. This allows for a larger display of the content of the activity.


The input boxes for Short Answer questions have been enlarged to better accommodate larger responses. If a much larger box is still needed, consider using an Essay question.


The default font for user-authored content has been updated to be more readable and usable. The sans-serif font looks better, but also allows for better display of superscript and subscript styles. When authoring, users can still choose which font they want, but the default (when nothing is selected) provides a better experience.


Activity page style

In the Activity page for Performance, the individual rows have an alternating color to better distinguish between each recorded entry. This matches existing styling for other pages in Performance.

Fixed Issues


  • Parents could enter passwords to view password-protected activities.


  • When the Course Chooser was open or expanded, it would display behind the Student Selection.
  • Assigning a Supplemental activity would cause an access denied error when the course was a derivative and the teacher did not have access to the master course.

Curriculum Map

  • Dragging and dropping activities fast would cause some activities to be misplaced.


  • Clicking off of a modal window, even though the user was editing content, would close the modal.


  • Selecting the domain name (top left) would not reset the current course selection for administrators.


  • Activities that are to treat unscored submissions as zero would not display zeroes in the Item Grader.
  • Custom Activities, with SCO enabled, would display a submitted icon once a student viewed the activity and the system automatically recorded their progress. This will not happen for future student interactions with these type of activities, but old interactions will continue to display this icon. The activity can be graded or the grader can wait until a submission is actually made by the student.
  • In the Visible Columns options for Gradebook, the Reported column was listed twice.

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