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Release Notes (2015-08-27; v2.0.12)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.12, available on August 27, 2015.

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Multiple aspects of Buzz has been improved this week to look cleaner, improve the user experience, and be more consistent throughout the app. These style improvements have been applied to the following tools and features.


New look for sub-navigation

Tools updated: Performance, Clipboard, Grade Details, and Home for administrators.

To-do List

New look for the To-do List


New look for the Calendar

Activity Stream

New look for the Activity Stream


Grade Details

Submission History

In Grade Details, users can view individual versions of a submission in the Submission History. This allows a user to review previous submissions to track student progress.



Activites for Admin, Course Selection, and Choose Course

Administrators now have access to the same Activities tool as teachers and students. This allows them to preview a course without the need to enroll themselves into the course.

Course Selection

When administrators navigate to a course through the Domain tool or search through the Activities, Performance, or Curriculum Map, the course becomes selected and allows the administrator to toggle between the different course tools without having to re-search for the course. Once the navigates Home, the course selection will be reset.

Similarly, when an administrator has a course selected and is viewing a course tool, they can select a new button from the toolbar, Choose Course, to change their course selection.

Other Updates


Toolbar Buttons

Toolbar buttons with title text

Multiple toolbar buttons (Filter, Self Assign, Next Item, Previous Item, Course Chooser selection) have title text added to them to improve accessibility and screenreader operability.



Short Answer pop-up tools

Short Answer questions now allow for pop-up tools (i.e., expression editor) to be dragged to another location. This helps the user to view any question on the screen without the pop-up blocking it.


Course Access

Students access will now be limited to the parameters of their enrollment start- and end-dates. Students will be able to access a course, as well as see it in Buzz, once the start-date begins until two weeks after the end-date. However, even though students will be able to access it for two weeks after it ends, they are not able to participate or interact (i.e., submit activities) with the course outside after their end-date has passed.

This helps teachers fully prepare their courses before students have access to them. If individual students need additional time with the course, then their enrollment dates can be adjusted to grant them access.

New Version Alert

Some users love leaving their browser windows open for days—even weeks—if not more. Since Buzz receives regular updates, it is important that these users get all of the latest goodies. Beginning with this version, if a user has not reloaded/refreshed/closed/opened their Buzz app and a new version is available, when the user re-logins, they will see a simple alert notifying them that a new version is available. They simply need to select the alert to refresh the app and get the newest enhancements. Alerts never sounded better.


New themes

Speaking of goodies, users have 14 new themes they can select from in the User Menu. If you are fan of cats, golf, or pastel colors, we got you covered.



Completion sorting in the Gradebook

Teachers have a few more enhancements in the Gradebook. You can now sort by the Completion column (enabled in Visible Column… under Options). This will allow teachers to quickly identify, in the Gradebook, how much of the course each student has completed.

Import Scores

When using the Import Scores feature, teachers have a larger modal window to preview the uploaded scores. This is really helpful if adjustments or tweaks need to occur. Also, they are now allowed to upload scores for any type of gradable activity and are not limited to manually-graded activities.

Fixed Issues


  • Links would not open in a new tab for content added as an HTML file (i.e., File or Web Site, Custom Activity).
  • Students could see a failed visual indicator for a formative assessment.
  • Item thumbnails could not load for activities linked from another course.
  • Students could see personalized activities, created from the Clipboard, assigned to other students.
  • Students could not see assessment questions while an assessment pop-up tool (i.e., expression editor for Short Answer questions) was opened.
  • Users could not download some attachments in course content that originated from another course.
  • Students would see an in-line scrollbar in the sidebar navigation once they completed an activity and the status of the activity changed.


  • The “New User? Create Account” link, allowing users to self-register, did not have the same styling as the other links on the login page.

Curriculum Map

  • When a user re-selected Curriculum Map from the Main Menu after already being within the tool, the tool would display a blank screen.
  • Copying an item with a rubric would not link to the copied rubric.


  • [Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer] The browser version would not display properly in About....
  • [iOS] Attachments would not download or preview.
  • [Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer] The toolbar would not display the width of the screen for administrators.
  • Students self-creating a task would see subscribed courses and domains in the Digital Library.


  • Students would not see course thumbnails in the Activity Stream for courses they were no longer enrolled in.


  • Students navigating from Performance page (i.e., Settings page for a continuous course) to another course that did not have the same page available (i.e., Settings page does not exist for range course) would have a jumpy navigation when loading the newly selected course.
  • [Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox] Teachers could not see the grey border separating the user information from the activity information in the Gradebook.
  • Teachers grading Homework submissions would see the Essay questions with a points possible of zero.
  • [Microsoft Internet Explorer] Teachers could not see any information for the enabled Visible Footers... in the Gradebook.
  • Default scores (i.e., “treat unscored as zero”) would not display for student grades without a score.
  • Teachers would not see an appropriate error when Import Scores failed.

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