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Release Notes (2015-10-15; v2.0.21)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.21, available on October 15, 2015.

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Lost Connection

The lost-connection experience has been enhanced to better attempt to resolve the issue without user involvement. Now, when the browser loses connection with Buzz, Buzz will attempt to reconnect automatically. If the session has to be renewed with a password, the user will be prompted to re-enter their credentials.

URL Changes

To continue improving Buzz’s reliability and performance, some changes to Buzz URLs have occurred. While domain URLs (yourdomain.agilixbuzz.com) are unaffected, URLs for specific application content or pages within Buzz have been slightly modified. Learn more.



Announcements on a Home page now display separately from the To-do List. Users can also collapse the announcements to have a greater view of the activities to be completed. Announcements remain on the list until they have expired.

Domain and course Announcements also now display on the Home page for both teachers and admins.

Send Mail

Teachers can now send email from the People and Communication tools!

They do this by selecting a course from the Course Chooser and clicking Send Mail in the toolbar. By default the recipients list is set to "Everybody in this class," but users can alter this to send to "All teachers and graders in this class," "All students in this class," or to individuals in the class.

In the People tool, you can select recipients using student checkboxes, so when you click Send Mail, those students are already in the To: field. Learn more.

User Menu


Users with proxy permissions can now initiate a proxy from the User Menu. Once the user is proxied, or logged in as another user, they see in the User Menu their own name and the information of the user that they are proxying as. Learn more.

Other Updates


Hover text

Many Buzz components were updated to display a hover text for items with truncated text and icons/images that do not contain a label. Some of the enhanced components include:

  • Activity titles in the Sidebar Navigation
  • Activity titles in the To Do List
  • Course titles in a Course Card
  • Course titles in the Course Chooser
  • Theme colors and backgrounds in the User Menu
  • Trash can icon for the Profile Picture in Settings
  • Options in the Self Assessment tool

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.



The Calendar now has a Today button that allows the user to quickly change their viewed date range to the current date.



Admins can now hide Project from being displayed as an option in the <editor>. Learn more.


When creating a <bookmark> or <menuentry> with a TOKEN, admins must provide a secure URL (https). Learn more.

Curriculum Map


The term field has been enlarged to expand the width of the panel.



The in-app documentation has been updated for the reports available to teachers in Reports and admins on their Home page. For comprehensive documentation about Buzz, see the Agilix Help Center.



When viewing a student submission to an LTI activity, the teacher's enrollment ID is recorded as observing the student's submission with the LTI provider.


Observing List

The "observing" list of students is now sorted alphabetically (first then last name).


Activity Preview

When grading activities, teachers can now preview the activity description and content by selecting the activity title.

Edit Activity

When grading activities in the Activity Grader, teachers can now select Edit Activity in the toolbar to quickly make changes to the activity without leaving the grading experience.

This feature was suggested in the Agilix Help Center.

For Me in Gradebook

Teachers can now choose Show For Me in the Gradebook Options. By enabling this feature, the teacher will have a shortcut to quickly view the Teacher-Assigned or Self-Assigned activities for an individual student.

Gradable & Overall Completion

In the Grades page, students can now see the percentage of the gradable activities they have completed as well as a percentage of the overall activities they have completed.

Similarly, in the Gradebook, teachers can choose from the Visible Columns to display the percentages of Gradable Activities and Overall Activities.


Reports is a new tool available in the Main Menu for teachers. The reports that were previously in the Performance tool (Gradebook Reports, Student Reports, Mastery Reports) have been moved to Reports.


User Menu

The layout and design of the User Menu has been improved to better organize the options and improve usability. From the User Menu, users can now also see their email address, a larger profile picture, and which app role they are using (Student, Teacher, etc.).

Course Chooser

The domain logo is displayed next to the domain name in the Course Chooser.

Course Links

Due to user feedback, the circle and count for Course Links in Activities have been removed.

Home: Activity Stream

The Activity Stream for students is now centered on their Home and Course Home pages.

Home: Course Cards

The Course Cards' corners are slightly less round.


Existing theme colors have been updated to improve usability when applied in the app. The greater contrast will make the app more cohesive and actions (buttons, hovers) more understandable.

Fixed Issues


  • Adobe Flash players in an Assessment or Homework description would crash when the description was collapsed.
  • Anchor links in a File or Web Site activity type would not work.
  • Assessment answers with spaces for fill-in-the-blank questions were being improperly removed.
  • Attachments would not submit properly for template dropbox activities if the user selected Save right before clicking Submit.
  • Course variables would not display by default in plain text.
  • Some equations would display with single quotes around it when rendered.

Curriculum Map

  • Teachers could not attach a Google Drive file to an activity in the Syllabus editor.
  • Some rich text editor options (insert URL, upload file, etc.) would not display correctly when adding an activity through Quick Add.


  • The student's Activity Stream would display some special characters instead of the plain text rendering.


  • Searches for Gooru content in the Digital Library would fail if the results did not have a thumbnail.


  • [Mozilla Firefox] The Score and Grade columns in the Gradebook would not display values.
  • Some rows were duplicated in the Score/Activity History tab in the Grade Editor.
  • Teachers would receive an error when grading Assessments with the Quick Edit feature enabled in the Gradebook.
  • Sometimes a student's Grades page would not display the grades according to the course setting.

User Menu

  • Students were unable to enroll in a course with a registration code that contained a #.

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