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Release Notes (2015-08-20; v2.0.11)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.11, available on August 20, 2015.

In this version of Buzz:

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Activities [Parent]

Choice Activities

The Add and Delete buttons for Choice Activities no longer appear for observers. The buttons were previously unusable because observers can't act on behalf of the student; removing the buttons entirely will reduce confusion.

Clipboard [Teacher]

Student List

Clipboard Student List

Teachers who act as authors for some courses and graders for others can access both types of courses with one account, and the app manages their permission differences. Graders cannot assign Activities or Tasks, so Buzz doesn't allow them to access these tabs for Students in courses for which they are graders. This eliminates the possibility of mistakenly assigning work to the wrong students.

If the teacher is an author for some courses and grader for others, students from the "grader" courses will be indicated (strikethrough) when viewing the Activities or Tasks tabs. If the teacher is only a grader in their courses, then these tabs will not be visible.

Configure [Administrator]

Customization: Menu Entries

Custom menu entries

Custom menu entries allow for administrators to create and modify existing Main Menu items. There are several new options available for creating new menu entries:

  • requirecourse: User can specify if a custom entry requires a course to be selected.
  • url: There are four new URL variables (USERID, USERDOMAINID, USERSPACE, COURSEID).
  • userspaces: Users can specify if the entry is only available on specific domains.
  • rights: Users can specify what domain rights a user must have to view the entry.

For more information, see Customizing Buzz: menuentry.

Customization: Self-registration


Domain administrators can now enable self-registration, allowing users without a Buzz account to create their own account and be automatically enrolled into a course. This will make demonstrations, trainings, or implementation without an SIS integration much easier to facilitate.

For more information, see How do I enable a user to create their own account?.


Course Chooser [Student/Teacher]

Course Chooser

The Course Chooser has been greatly improved for users with many courses, regardless of your screen size. The Course Chooser no longer extends off the bottom of the page when a user has more courses than will fit on the screen. The Course Chooser now facilitates large numbers of courses by using columns when enough screen height is not available; if the number of columns needed to display the courses exceeds the width of the screen, the Course Chooser provides a search box function as well as additional pages between which the user can toggle.

Self Assesment [Parent]

Self Assessment

Observers can now open a student's most recent Self Assessment submission to view the details.

Toolbar [All]

Some of the toolbar separators (vertical lines) have been removed to improve design consistency.

Home [Teacher]

To-do List

After selecting an activity from the To-do List, teachers can now select Home from the Main Menu or the domain name (top-left corner) to return to the Home page. This eliminates additional clicks or refreshing the page.

Performance [Administrator]

Performance for Admins

Administrators now have access to the same Performance tools as teachers. These include Gradebook, Mastery, Unit Summary, and For Me. They access it by opening Performance from the Main Menu and searching by course name or ID (similar to how they access the Curriculum Map).

Fixed Issues


Choice Activities [Student]

When previewing a Choice Activity, students can no longer attempt to submit the activity until they have added it to their list.

Item Thumbnail [All]

Thumbnail images now load for items linked from other courses.

Calendar [Student/Teacher]

Due Date Indicator

Due date indicators (colored dot) now remain in the date on which they are due regardless of how many activities are displayed. Previously, long lists would overflow onto other dates.

Curriculum Map [Teacher/Administrator]


The Insert Picture file chooser now appears completely onscreen.


All available Standards will display regardless of the level of nodes for each standard.


Create Course [Teacher]

Users are now prompted to enter a course title when creating a new course. If they are copying a course, they are also required to select the course to be copied. Previously, these were not required fields causing some course creation errors.

Insufficient Rights [Student/Teacher/Parent]

If users attempt to access the Admin app without the proper permissions, they are now redirected to the login page. Previously, there were instances in which users were able to access the Admin app with view-only permissions.

Performance [Teacher/Administrator]


Export Scores now properly allows the user to choose which items to be included in the download.


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