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Release Notes (2015-10-22; v2.0.22)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.22, available on October 22, 2015.

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Course Home

Course Home pages now display the enrollment end date for the user viewing the course.

Enrollment end date


When navigating away from a Wiki, the user will see a prompt to save, discard, or cancel any changes that were made.


New Announcement

When creating an announcement, teachers can now create the announcement for multiple courses. Before, teachers could create the announcement for all courses or a single course. Now, teachers can select just individual courses to target their communication.

Also, the button to create an announcement is now labeled New Announcement.

New announcement

Send Mail

Teachers can now Send Mail to multiple courses or enrollments from different courses at the same time. This will help teachers complete their tasks sooner so they can provide more personalized attention to their students.

With this change, some of the wording in the To: field has been changed to better communicate who the mail will be sent to.

Send mail


SSL options

Users can now elect to use https instead of http when using Buzz. Buzz content is safe and secure either way as all data is transferred over https, but this allows for users to determine what works best for their implementation. Note that while using https, any insecure content from third-party sites won't display properly without allowing the content to be displayed through your browser settings.


Group by Course

In the People tool, teachers can now select Group by Course in the Options. This allows for teachers to view students from multiple courses but still have them grouped by the course they belong to.

Group by course

Sign In

Invalid credentials

Removed the "(click here for details)" message as it was confusing to some users and redundant. Users may still select the error message to view the details.


Dropdown menus

Each dropdown menu now has a consistent white background.

Fixed Issues


  • Linked activities set to open in a new window would not open in a new window properly.
  • Navigating to an empty wiki would prompt a navigation dialog.
  • Navigating to multiple restricticted activities consecutively would not display the requirements for each activity after the first activity.


  • [Mozilla Firefox] Admins could not see the entire Browse... button to upload a file in Manage Resources.

Curriculum Map

  • [Mozilla Firefox] Teachers could not insert a URL into the rich text editor.
  • Uploaded files with an ampersand (&) character would not display properly.


  • Badge alerts would be partially obstructed for students if a domain notification existed.


  • When using Manage Groups, the Clone Group Set button would not appear when creating the first group set until the page was refreshed.
  • The template email message for Invite Students contained an improperly formatted URL.


  • The grading buttons would not align properly when grading activities with a rubric but no rubric description.

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