How do I review course activities?

Ryan Richins
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Review all activities in a course using the Activities tool.

Open the Activities tool for the course you want.

  1. The To-do List on the far left lists activities that are due in the next seven days.
  2. Below the To-do List is the course tree; click the folders to see the activities held in each. Click an activity to see to review its details and view the student’s submission.


  • From the Home page, you can access the Activities tool for a specific course by clicking that Course Card.
  • In addition to the course folder structure, the Course Home includes a lot of useful information.

Accessibility notes

  • An inline help item appears on this screen that is not currently supported by screen readers. It appears when you attempt to retry an activity that has been locked and reads: Your teacher has assigned a score that you cannot change.

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Tami Warnick
We have many elementary students and their parents like to look ahead at the lessons and assignments to better help their student. When they do this will it mark the activity as complete on the student side? We have had a couple of parents mention that their activity in a course is showing on the student account.
Brad Marshall

Hey Tami: From what you have explained, it appears that your non-gradable activities may be set to be marked as complete once it is viewed for 1 minute. You can change the settings of the activity to be marked as complete for a greater amount of time or the user has to select a button to mark it as complete.

Also, if you have parents that need to or want to review their student's work and activities, I would recommend that you create them an account and add them as an observer to the student. This would allow them to see the student's work without recording time against the student or accidentally submitting activities on their behalf.

Tami Warnick
Brad - Thanks for this. We have set the parents up with their own accounts and added the observed enrollments but I had one parent state that while in their parent account it was recording activity time and completing items in the students account. Should I just fill out a support ticket for this? I just wanted to make sure that the Observer accounts were not suppose to affect the student account before I sent in a ticket. Thanks Tami
Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
Tami, yeah, you could fill out a support ticket for this. However, I can assure you that an observer does not affect a student's account. I just verified with the code and no time-spent is recorded for an observer if the enrollment does not belong to them.
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