How do I use the Home page?

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During the summer of 2017, we released a new Buzz UI and a cleaner, simpler user experience!

Until all users have switched to the new UI, our Help Center articles will include information for both. 

Click the header below that matches the Buzz UI version you are using (Old UI or New UI); if you don't know which version you are using, review the differences and/or contact the course's teacher.

Old UI

There’s no page like Home.

Signing in lands you on the Home page where all of a student’s current courses are listed.

From here you can:

  1. Use the Main Menu to access your Buzz tools: Home, Activities, Performance, Communication, Calendar, and Help. If configured for it, your Main Menu tool icons remain active on the left side of the screen to facilitate easy navigation; click the menu to expand it.
  1. Use the Course Chooser to access a course's Course Home in the Activities tool.
  1. Choose which student’s information you want to access using the Observing list if you are observing more than one student.
  1. Open the User Menu to:
    • Customize your settings and themes.
    • Change your password.
    • Join a course using a registration code provided by the course instructor.
    • End any active Google Drive sessions.
    • Learn more about Buzz.
    • Logout of Buzz.
  1. Review Announcements for important class information.
  2. Review the To-do List to see upcoming and past-due assignments. By default, the To-do List displays assignments with due dates coming up within seven days.
  1. Quickly check current course scores and progress on gradable activities displayed on the Course Cards; select a Course Card to access its Course Home. Course Cards will also notify you when a course enrollment has expired and will show an alarm clock icon when it is about to expire.


  • The Course Chooser remains in the toolbar so you can jump between courses at any time.
New UI

There’s no page like Home.

Home page screens

The Home page includes two screens:

  • Courses
  • To-do List

Courses screen

On the Courses screen, you can:

  1. Manage Course Card placement.
  2. Access Help.
  3. Open the User Menu
    • Customize your settings and themes.
    • Learn more about Buzz.
    • Change your password (where allowed).
    • Logout of Buzz.
  4. Review Announcements.
  5. Review content from your school/district/organization.
  1. Use Course Cards to:
    • Review scores and course progress (indicates how many of the gradable activities you have completed).
    • Access the course Activities and Grades tools.
    • Track how much time is left in the course; they will show an alarm clock icon when they are about to expire.

To-do List screen

The To-do List includes upcoming and past-due activities. By default, the To-do List displays activities with due dates coming up within seven days.

Click activities to open them.


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