How do I review and complete course activities?

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Review all activities in a course using the Activities tool.

Access activities with the Activity tool

Open the Activities tool and select the course you want.

  1. Review the To-do List on the far left; it lists activities that are:
    • Past due.
    • Due in the next seven days (the number of days can be altered by course admins).
  2. Below the To-do List is the course sidebar navigation; click the folders to see their landing content and included activities.
  3. Click an activity to review its details and/or complete it.
Screenshot of the Activities tool with the To-do List and sidebar navigation higlighted.

Review activity Objectives and use Peer Help

When you select an activity from the Activities tool, the following icons appear in *Buzz's toolbar:

  • Peer Help: If enabled, you can click this to see which of your classmates have completed the activity. This lets you know who may be able to provide help if you need it as you complete the activity, yourself.
  • Objectives: Click to see which objectives the activity is meant to help you master. No one likes to feel like they're completing busy work. Knowing the targeted objectives can help you better understand the activity's significance; use this knowledge to focus your efforts on completing the activity in a way that meets those objectives and feels worthwhile.


  • From the Home page, you can access the Activities tool for a specific course by clicking that Course Card.
  • In addition to the course folder structure, the Course Home includes a lot of useful information.

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Brandon Smith

It won't let me complete any more activities, could I have some help?


Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Brandon!

I am sorry to hear that you have encountered this behavior! Please reach out to your teacher/school who will be able to assist you with your reported behavior.

Thank you!

Angel Pio

It will only be your teacher who can restart your test


Mary Kate O'Mara

I am glad this tool is available.

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