Migrating from previous versions of Buzz

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Upgrading Buzz is simple, seamless, and totally worth it

Why upgrade Buzz?

Why upgrade Buzz?

Buzz enhancements provide:

  • More opportunities to easily personalize student learning.
  • The data and analysis you need to facilitate effective personalized learning.
  • More intuitive navigation.
  • Responsive design to provide access across more devices.

We provide a seamless transition

Here’s what you can count on:

  • No data is lost when upgrading Buzz; grades, student submissions, messages, and all teacher-authored content are instantly available on sign-in.
  • Buzz comes with continued, dependable support and a new online community where you can find help from Buzz’s developers and other users.
  • The ability for districts and schools to customize aspects of Buzz to fit their specific needs.

What's better in Buzz?

  • Clipboard: This tool helps teachers to act on data in the Performance or People tools. Use it to assign additional activities and resources, award badges, and send messages to individuals or groups who need additional help or more engagement.
  • Group Management: Create permanent student groups and assign them discussion boards, group projects, group class work, and other activities.
  • Communication: Teachers can post announcements to specific courses or to all courses at once; these announcements appear in the student To-do List. Teachers can also compose and send messages classes, groups, and individuals.
  • Calendar: The Calendar tracks and displays all assignments and their due dates, and color-coordinates them by course. Users can choose to view a specific day, week, month, or the entire duration of the course.
  • People: This tool provides teachers with at-a-glance access to a variety of student data points in one simple, customizable table. It combines grades, mastery progress, pace through the course, data from student self-assessment responses, and much more.

Tool name comparison

Some tools haven’t changed, some have simply been renamed, and some have been entirely reworked to enhance the experience for teachers and students. However, teachers still have access to the same intervention data to make sure they can best help every student.

Review the table to see how tool names have changed.

Original tool name New Buzz tool name
Radar People
Student Summary People
Gradebook Performance
Unit Summary Unit Summary in Performance
Mastery Gradebook Mastery in Performance
Todo Home
View Course Activities

Additional articles


  • The BrainHoney Syllabus is still available in the Curriculum Map for those who prefer that tool.
  • We are constantly working to improve Buzz; follow our updates here.

Web Services API Changes

All Agilix products (BrainHoney, Buzz, etc.) run on the same web services platform. When moving from one product to the other, the web services platform will always remain the same. Some customers have created more advanced integrations with an Agilix product via the web services platform, and those integrations will still work regardless of what Agilix product is being used. No data migration will be necessary and all API calls used when integrating with one Agilix product will work with any other products.

Of course, more recent products (such as Buzz) use additional API calls not present in older products (such as BrainHoney). Newer calls can be included in those existing integrations to make sure that the integrations take full advantage of all features in available in all Agilix products. However, all older API calls will still work with any new Agilix Product.


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