How do I review Lesson grades?

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Buzz makes it easy to see how indvidual scores impact the Lesson's score.

A Lesson's score is composed of all the gradable activity scores in the Lesson. To review the activity scores and how they combine to provide a final Lesson grade:

  1. Open Performance/Gradebook from the Main Menu.
  2. The Lesson title appears as a column header in Gradebook/Grades; it can be displayed in two ways:
    • If Show Lesson Details is selected in the Options dropdown in the toolbar, the scores for each activity in the Lesson are displayed.
    • If Show Lesson Details is not selected, the composite score for the Lesson is displayed.

As of the summer of 2017, some users are using the new Buzz UI in which the Display Options menu icon looks like this:

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  • Each gradable item in a Lesson can be assigned a weight value that defines how much impact that activity’s grade has on the overall Lesson grade.
  • If you change any scores for the individual activities, refresh your page when you go back to see the composite score for the Lesson.

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