How do I review Lesson grades?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Buzz makes it easy to see how indvidual scores impact the Lesson's score

A Lesson's score is composed of all the gradable activity scores in the Lesson. To review the activity scores and how they combine to provide a final Lesson grade:

  1. Open Performance from the Main Menu.
  2. The Lesson title appears as a column header in Gradebook; it can be displayed in two ways:
    • If Show Lesson Details is selected in the Options dropdown in the toolbar, the scores for each activity in the Lesson are displayed.
    • If Show Lesson Details is not selected, the composite score for the Lesson is displayed.

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  • Each gradable item in a Lesson can be assigned a weight value that defines how much impact that activity’s grade has on the overall Lesson grade.
  • If you change any scores for the individual activities, refresh your page when you go back to see the composite score for the Lesson.


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