How do I sign in to Buzz?

Ryan Richins
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Signing in to Buzz is simple!

  1. Open your Buzz domain (e.g.,
  2. Enter your Username and Password.

  3. Click Sign in.

  1. If prompted, select the desired role (Student, Teacher, Parent, or Admin).

Your Buzz experience is customized for your role, providing security and ensuring you have access to the right tools and content.


  • If you don't see your district or organization name in the URL, you may need to contact your administrator.
  • You have access to sensitive student information, so keep your sign-in details secure.
  • Contact your administrator if you forget your sign-in details, but record them in a secure place to avoid the hassle.

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Chad Kafka (FPS)

In the 'New UI,' if a user checks the 'remember my choice' for what to sign in as and wants to change that later, how does the user do that?  (Example: I have Admin, Teacher and Student users under my login.  I chose Admin and clicked 'remember my choice' but as I am working more, I find I work at the 'teacher' level more and want to now change it.)

Scott Taylor

Hello Chad,

In your User Settings there is the option to select the login preferences in the "Other" section of your settings. There is a drop down with the label "When logging in, _____" which will allow the selection of the preferred role or to be asked each time.

Chad Kafka (FPS)

Perfect! I totally glossed over that when viewing my SETTINGS area.  Here's a screenshot in case anyone in the future comes here looking for an answer:

Scott C. Gustafson

I am attempting to sign into Buzz LMS (as a parent) through the link sent to me via my e-mail.  The e-mail contains my user name and a password (which I need to change on initial login).  The user name and initial password allow me to login and immediately take me to a change password screen.  I enter the initial password sent to me in the e-mail (the one that just allowed me to login) in the current password box, and then enter the same new password (which meets the new password requirements) in both boxes, and hit submit.  The system responds that my current password is invalid, even though it is the one I was sent and was just used to login to this point.  Please advise me on how to correct this.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Scott, your "current password" must not be correct. They must've sent you an incorrect password.

You are being prompted to change your password because your account requires it, not because you entered the correct password the first time.

Since you were not provided with the correct password, I would recommend selecting the "forgot password" option under the menu button next to the login button. This will send you an email allowing you to reset your password.

Scott C. Gustafson

I copied that initial password directly from the e-mail, which specifically stated that we would be prompted to change the password after our first login, so the wrong password part does not make sense.  My account is currently locked, but I have no contact at the district for issues, they tell us to contact you guys.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

I'm sorry but Chandler misinformed you. They should be able to help you through this.

I just reset your lockout. If you go and select "forgot password," it will send you an email to reset your password.

In regards to the email you received from Chandler, the password they sent you must've been incorrect. When you attempt to login, with a valid or invalid password, it will prompt you to change your password. So, you could've typed anything as your password the first time and then it would have launched the reset password modal. However, it would then require that you entered the correct password as your "current password." Either way, your account lockout has been reset so that you can select the "forgot password" option.

Scott C. Gustafson

Thank you for the reset.  How long do the e-mail replies to the "forgot password" option take to be sent?  I filled it out over ten minutes ago and do not have anything back in either my inbox, spam, or trash folders.

Scott C. Gustafson

It has been now over 30-minutes since I did the "forgot password" request and nothing in my inbox, spam, or trash folders.  I am assuming I should have received something by now.  What would happen if I do the "forgot password" request?  Will it mess up the system on your side?  I have received e-mail for other sources in this same period, so my server is working.

Scott C. Gustafson

Since it has been over an hour from my initial "forgot password" request with no response, I completed it again (triple verifying the e-mail address was correct) and received the it is being sent pop-up.  How long should it take and from what e-mail address?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

It should be instantaneous. I am looking into why it was not sent.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Scott, I am going to be sending you an email about this issue. Please respond to the email.

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