How to assign personalized activities to students (animated image-only)

Brad Marshall
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Lori Gully


Do you HAVE to set a due date for the activity to appear to the student on the nav bar?


Scott Taylor

Hello Lori,

A due date is not required for the activity to show up in the student's nav bar.

Lori Gully

Hmmm... I must be missing a step. I can't get Activities to add to the student account, but I can get a Task to add...  Can you think of something I may be missing?  Thx!

Scott Taylor

Hey Lori,

I can't think of anything aside from verifying the folder where the activity is being assigned to. Is the activity showing in the gradebook under the For Me tab for the student? If you continue to have troubles assigning the activity please create a ticket so that more specifics can be investigated.

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