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Release Notes (2015-10-01; v2.0.17)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz app in version 2.0.17, available on October 1, 2015.

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Calendar Sync

Students can now sync their Buzz Calendar with popular third-party calendars (i.e., Google Calendar). This makes it easier for students to know what is due on-the-go and to plan accordingly.

Sign In

The Sign In page style and workflow has been improved to benefit both users and administrators.

  • Administrators can fully brand the Sign In page. They can choose the theme color, background image, or supply their own HTML page to meet their needs.
  • Once a user signs in, they will be prompted which role they want to access if multiple roles are available. Similarly, they can choose to always remember a role so that it will no longer prompt the user. If the user only has one role, they will enter the app instantly without any prompt.

User Menu


The Settings page has been improved to increase usability, better organize the available options, and provide users with a few additional preferences.

  • The style of the page will directly reflect the theme chosen by the user.
  • Users can select their default role when signing into Buzz. This can be changed at any time and speeds up the sign-in process for a teacher or learner to accomplish their tasks.
  • Users can see their email address for their user account. Administrators can allow students to modify the address in the Configure tool.


Users now have many more options to customize the appearance of Buzz. They choose their own theme from a predefined list of color palettes and images. Administrators may identify which colors and images are available to their users. Along with the great benefit of increased personalization–Buzz loads noticeably faster.

Give it a whirl. Change your theme as much as you want to preview the changes and select what best meets your style.

Other Updates



Administrators can now create notifications that are displayed as a banner alert to all users in their domain. The administrator can provide a small description and a link for more information. Users may dismiss the alert to not see it again.

Curriculum Map

Quick Add

YouTube videos can now be added using the shortened YouTube URL.


To-do List

When grading activities, teachers can now preview the activity description and content by selecting the activity title.


Grade Editor

The "Tries" column in the Score/Activity History tab was renamed to "Visits." The column represents the number of times the student interacted or visited the activity when the score or activity was recorded.

Sign In

Forgot Password

Enhanced the "Forgot Password" error message to better communicate why a reset failed.

Fixed Issues


  • Students could view the overall score for a formative assessment in the activity details button.
  • Students would not see "0%" for activities that are set to be treated as zero in the activity details button.
  • Equations in a text field may not have displayed after inserting.
  • Equations with a degree symbol would not display correctly.
  • Courses with a data attribute of item would not load.


  • Analytics would display to students in some cases when it was disabled.
  • Teachers could not see question details when grading an assessment if it were hidden from the students.

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