How do I update my Google Drive for the new Buzz URL?

Ryan Richins
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As of November 2, 2017, we have updated our Google Drive integration. These directions still work, but do not represent the recommended approach.

Buzz allows districts and schools to enable a deep integration with Google Drive so users can submit and view documents directly in Buzz.

Once enabled, this integration is available for all users in the district. Teachers and students can use their own Google Drive account to submit and view files.

Update your Google settings for the new Buzz URL

To update the Buzz URL in Google settings:

  1. Sign into your Google account and open
  2. Click Use Google APIs  
Update your Google settings for the new Buzz URL
  1. Select your project from the dropdown and click Continue.
  2. Click the key (Credentials) icon in the left menu and select the client associated with Buzz or BrainHoney from the OAuth 2.0 client IDs list.
  1. Update the Name field if necessary.
  2. In the Authorized JavaScript origins fields, make sure you have the URLs for your domain entered:
    • http://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN]
    • https://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN]
    • https://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN]
      • Note: This is only necessary if you using BrainHoney as well as Buzz.
    • http://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN]
    • https://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN]
  3. Save.
Update the Client ID in your Buzz Configuration

 To add the Client ID to Buzz:

  1. Open the vertical menu in the toolbar of Domain Details.  
  2. Select Domain Settings.
  1. Select Integrations and enter your Google Drive Client ID in the field under Google.
  2. Save.


  • To access your Client ID, follow steps 1-4 of the Update your Google settings for the new Buzz URL section.

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  • When updating the Authorized JavaScript origins fields (step 6 above), notice that you keep your BrainHoney URL because Buzz uses some BrainHoney features; if you have a URL in the list, you can delete it.

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Aileen Sweeney

Would this also work to integrate Google Hangout?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Aileen. No, this integration is only for selecting Google Drive files to attach to an activity. It does not support direct Hangouts integration.

Matthew Cooley

I've noticed that this doesn't check for permissions. Meaning that if a student/teacher uploads a Google Doc and it isn't already explicitly shared with the teacher/student (respectively) then they won't have access. This does make the feature a lot less convenient. 

I'm hoping that there is a way you can make a document view only (comment only for submissions through the teacher) automatically when the file is uploaded to Buzz. 

Looking at the Google Drive API, it seems that this is possible. Though I don't have a lot of experience with it so I could be wrong.

Matthew Cooley

I'm bumping this because it's still an issue. Pretty sure this is fixable. I often can't look at my students work because they haven't given me permissions to see it. They assume that since they're submitting it through Buzz, I'll have permission to see it.


Megan Eichorn

I have updated my Google API with the additional entries for all 4 of my Echo domains to what you see below.  I am still receiving the same error message as shown below.  Please advise.


Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Megan, the above instructions are for users using the LMS at In your case, you would need to specify the URLs for your LMS, which would be https://{SUBDOMAIN}} 

Megan Eichorn

I actually tried that as well and it's still not working and giving me the same error.  Do I need to have the .next line in for all of them too?  And if so how would that read?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

No, you should not need that. In the error that you posted, is the "origin" the same URL that you have in your configuration? You may need to create a ticket with NTN to get their help in debugging your instance.

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