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Release Notes (2015-08-13; v2.0.10)

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.10, available on August 13, 2015.

In this version of Buzz:

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Activities [Student/Teacher]

Course Home (Button)

Course Home button

The circle around the Course Home button is now slightly thinner for a cleaner look.

Course Links

Users can now access Course Links created at the course level from the Course Home. This further enhances the usefulness of the Course Home by centralizing access to course links with other significant course references.


Links within a discussion post now automatically open in a new window when clicked, so users can continue to follow the discussion thread while viewing linked content.

Loading Speed

Activities loading speed comparison

The time it takes to load a course is dramatically decreased to enhance efficiency for users. In some cases, the course loads up to 10x faster!

Clipboard [Teacher]


Rich Text Item

Teachers click the pencil button to create a Rich Text Item. Previously, this was called a Note; teachers can use the tool to create more than notes, so Rich Text Item is a clearer indication of the feature's usefulness.

Curriculum Map [Teacher/Administrator]


Standards ID

When creating Standards, the ID field has been lengthened to support longer standard IDs. This makes the field much easier to use.


Font [All]

Buzz now uses an updated font for a crisper and sleeker look that will work better across browsers and devices. The new font also better supports different font styles, like bold and italics.

No License [All]

No License splashscreen

Users with unconfigured Buzz accounts are now directed to contact their administrator, account manager, or Agilix directly to configure their account and/or get more information about Buzz.

Table Styles [All]

Table styles

Table colors are updated to reflect the color of the tool in which they are found. This contributes to the app's overall sleeker, more cohesive look.

User Menu: Settings [Student]

Hide scores

Students can now enable a Hide Scores setting which removes scores normally displayed in the Activities sidebar navigation and the Activity Stream. This provides students greater privacy when accessing their courses from a public computer.

User Menu: Themes [All]

Hi Contrast Mode - theme

A new Hi Contrast Mode theme has been added to facilitate users with visual impairment.

People [Teacher]

Manage Groups

If teachers don't provide a Group set name when generating groups, the Group prefix is now adopted as the Group Set name.

Fixed Issues


Assessment [Teacher]

Teachers can now preview an assessment when students are restricted from doing so. Previously, the restriction was affecting teachers as well.

Blog [Parent]

Parents or observers can now view blog posts available to their students.

Choice Activities [Student]

Selecting Show Dropbox when previewing a Choice Activity no longer triggers an error.

Sidebar Navigation [Teacher]

Because assessment questions are only saved for students, teachers no longer get an "Unable to save questions" error when leaving an assessment. This eliminates any potential confusion.

Error Message [Student/Teacher]

Previously, when users lost connection, they would see an "Unable to record activity" error. They now see a connection error, so they can better understand and respond to the situation.

Keyboard Navigation [Student/Teacher]

Hitting enter on the keyboard when a folder is selected now collapses or expands the folder. Previously, this action would display the "Unknown item type: Folder" error.

Curriculum Map [Teacher/Administrator]

Add and Edit

[Microsoft Internet Explorer] After creating an item using the Add and Edit option, the user was unable to specify the title when creating another. This issue has been resolved.

Add Button

[Touch screen devices] Users can now select the Add button using a touchscreen device.


Users can use the browser back navigation to return to the Curriculum Map. Previously, an error would be displayed

General [All]


The Course Chooser and Self Assessment are no longer hidden behind course content when using Activities.


The Forgot Password? no longer redirects to BrainHoney's password reset tool.

Modal Windows

[Touch screen devices] Users were unable to select checkboxes or radio buttons. Issue resolved.

User Menu

Users now receive a more informative message when a user fails to change their password.


Grade Details [Student/Teacher]

The Time Spent (minutes) for the Posts summary in the Grade Details for Discussion activities now always displays a value. Previously, it only displayed a value if it exceeded one minute.

Gradebook: Assessment [Teacher]

The submitted icon is now removed once a teacher grades an essay or manually-graded assessment questions, so the teacher can quickly see that no action is necessary.

Gradebook: Export Scores [Teacher]

[Microsoft Edge] Users can now export scores using this browser.

Gradebook: Feedback Templates (Confirmation) [Teacher]

New Feedback Templates created in the Item Grader and Grade Editor are now only added to the template list when users click the Save button. Also, now only one confirmation dialog appears to alert users they are editing one template while trying to navigate to another template; previously, two had mistakenly appeared.

Gradebook: Feedback Templates (Save) [Teacher]

Teachers can dependably save newly created Feedback Templates. Some users had reported problems with this.

Gradebook: Item Grader (Grade Dropdown) [Teacher]

The Item Grader now displays a letter grade dropdown for assignments that require letter grades.

Gradebook: Item Grader (Score Display) [Teacher]

When users choose a new Score Display... from the Options when using the Item Grader, it will get reflected immediately without a refresh.

Gradebook: Item Grader (Student List) [Teacher]

[Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge] The student list is now displayed next to the Grade Editor with this browser for easy navigation.

Options [Teacher]

[Touch screen devices] Users were unable to access submenus. Issue resolved. [Teacher]

Toolbar: Inaccurate Buttons [Teacher]

The Toolbar now consistently displays the correct buttons across all tools. Previously, some of the reports would display incorrect buttons in the Toolbar.


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