How do I run Student Reports?

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Generate Student Reports to get a high-level perspective on individual student performance.

To run Student Reports, select the desired course and open Reports from the Main Menu, select Student, and follow the numbered steps:

  1. Choose a report: Click one of the following radio buttons to specify report type:
    • Student performance by the current course returns performance data for all students the selected course.
    • Student performance in all my courses returns performance data for all students enrolled in all of your courses.
    • Single student performance in current course returns performance data for a specific student in the selected course.
    • Single student performance in all my courses returns performance data for a specific student across all courses they're enrolled in with you.
  1. Choose a student: If you chose to run a report for a specific student, choose the student for which you want results returned (this only appears for single student reports).
  1. Filter by dates: Specify the desired As of date(s) for the report; the report you run includes all data up to and including the date you choose. You can click Add Date to include data from other dates for comparison.
  1. Filter the data: Customize your filter settings in one of the following ways:
    • Indicate whether you want to Include past enrollments in the report.
    • Select Choose Filters (which allows you to choose from the most commonly used data), or select Get All Data (which includes all data)..
  1. Download the report: Click Export to CSV to create the specified report as a spreadsheet-friendly file.

Use this report to identify students who may need additional attention in certain areas.

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  • You can open the exported document with any program that supports spreadsheets.

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Shane Foglesong

I am having an issue where the time generated by this report does not match with the time in the Activity tab of the students gradebook page. I also get less time from a more future date. One student has 4645 seconds on 8/31/2016 and 3336 seconds on 9/30/2016. The time went down, but I thought the time reported was cumulative. Is there more information on this feature?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Shane, another person from your school also experienced the same issue. Their comments are on this article: https://support.agilix.com/hc/en-us/articles/207373603-How-do-I-run-User-Activity-Reports-.

I asked that he report it to FLVS for us to further diagnose and acquire some additional details. Thank you!

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