How do I create questions for assessment and practice questions activities?

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Add questions

Adding questions to assessments and practice questions activities is easy.

  1. Open the Editor from the Main Menu.
  2. Add an assessment or practice questions activity to the desired folder, or select an existing assessment or practice questions activity and click the pencil (edit) icon to add questions to it.
  3. Select the Questions tab.
Add questions
  1. Click:
    • The Add question (plus sign) icon to create a new question. See the Create and edit questions section below for more information.
    • The Link question (link) icon to add existing questions or question banks. From here, you can choose a question or question bank from the current course, or click the list (browse) icon to find questions or question banks from another course you have access to.
Add questions

Create and edit questions

Buzz's question editor let's you:

  1. Choose from between eight question types using the question dropdown menu. Review each question type, below.
  2. Select editable fields to open and use the rich text editor.
  3. Choose to edit questions using a purely Text editor.
  4. Preview questions.
  5. Reorder questions.
  6. Edit all of the questions using the Text editor.
  7. Delete questions.
Create new questions

Question types

Question type Description
Custom Create questions that don’t fit any of the predefined types. These can range in complexity from simple, formatting overrides of standard questions to complete, custom-question rendering and grading systems hosted on external servers. This is an advanced feature; contact support for more information.
Essay Ask students to answer with an essay. You can provide an example answer and feedback. Because practice questions activities are meant to give students immediate feedback to respond to, essay questions are not available for them.
Fill in the Blank Ask students to provide a word or phrase to accurately complete a statement. You can provide multiple correct answers to account for possible variations and feedback.
Matching Ask students to match items correctly.
Multiple Answer From a list of possible answers, ask students to identify all that are correct.
Multiple Choice From a list of possible answers, ask students to identify the one correct answer.
Ordering Ask students to put items in the correct order.
Passage This is not an interactive question template. Use this to provide a passage of text and ask students to refer to it in order to answer other questions in the assessment or homework activity. You can provide a single passage for the activity and/or assign a passage to specific questions.

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