How do I use Home?

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There’s no page like Home.

Signing in lands you on the Home page where all your current courses are listed. From here you can:

  1. Access the Main Menu and the Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Create a new course, view or delete existing courses, and View past courses with Manage Courses. The create and delete options only appear if you have the correct permissions.
  3. Open the User Menu to customize your settings and themes, manage your information and notifications, enroll in a course, learn more, or logout of Buzz.
  1. Open the Needs Grading screen.
  2. See class-wide announcements in the Announcements list.
  3. Review the collapsable domain-wide message if your system administrator has created one (learn how system admins can do this).
  4. Select a course using its Course Card and access its Course Home (Activities tool).

From the Main Menu, teachers have access to:

  1. The people and data from all of your courses, including:
    • Needs grading: By default, this screen lists activities from all of your courses that need grading, or you can filter by course. Simply select the activity and grade it right there.
    • Communication: Easily communicate with your entire class, groups, and individual students.
    • Calendar: Review due dates, activities, and agendas.
    • People: The People tool gives you at-a-glance access to tons of student data points in one simple table.
    • Clipboard: Use the Clipboard to quickly provide personalized attention to students.
  2. Your individual courses (more detail below).
  3. Help suggestions tailored to the screen you're currently on.

When a course is selected from the menu, the top section compresses, and a course-specific menu expands allowing teachers to:

  1. Still access global content from the compressed menu.
  2. Navigate back to the original Main Menu.
  3. Open the Activities, Gradebook, Reports, People, or Editor tools for the selected course.

Home gives you immediate access to the tools you need and task reminders to help you stay on top of everything.


  • Open the Clipboard by clicking the button in the navigation bar. This makes it easy to create personalized activities for individuals and groups from anywhere.
  • The Course Chooser remains in the navigation bar so you can jump between courses at any time. Selecting a course from the Course Chooser on the Home page will filter all information to just that course.

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Varshini G

I have users set up to view the Gradebook but not grade activities. However when clicked on any of the todo activities, it still shows the grading tool. Of course when attempting to grade, it throws an error "Access denied". But is there a way to to remove the grading option from this window? If not can we request an update to remove this? This is causing a lot of confusion for these type of users.

Scott Taylor

In this week's update the grading buttons will be disabled for users that do not have grading abilities for the activity they are viewing. This will assist visually to show they do not have grading rights, rather than the previous error being generated when they attempted to grade.

Rebecca Clostio

Is it possible to print a completed student test for documentation for an IEP, protfolio, etc.? This would be very helpful. 

Scott Taylor

At this time it is not possible to print a completed student test. This feedback will be passed along to our Product Team for further consideration. Thank you for your input!


I need help asap- Is there any on line assistance? My students are not seeing the page set up the way the preview is showing me.

Scott Taylor


It is recommended to work with your domain administrator or your authorized support contact to troubleshoot behavior first and they will be able to escalate it to Agilix Support agents if they are unable to resolve the behavior.

Varshini G



The items in the todo list are not chronologically arranged for a teacher login. The are gradable activities appear in random order of submission. Is there any way to sort it in chronological order?


Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Juanita, the To-do List is sorted by the submitted date of the activity, but also grouped by activity. For example, let imagine that a teacher has the following four activities to be graded.

  • Student: John Frank, Activity: Introduction Quiz, Submitted: 1/1/2017
  • Student: Mary Jones, Activity: Unit 2 Exam, Submitted: 1/7/2017
  • Student: Elizabeth Smith, Activity: Introduction Quiz, Submitted: 2/4/2017
  • Student: Steven Marshall, Activity: Unit 3 Exam, Submitted: 2/7/2017

In the above examples, there are two submissions for activity "Introduction Quiz." As of right now, the list is ordered by the submitted date. However, in the Buzz To-do List, we also group them by activity. So, the Buzz To-do List would keep the unique activities in order by the older submitted date, but submissions for the same activity/same course would be grouped together. This is what the list would look like in Buzz.

  • Student: John Frank, Activity: Introduction Quiz, Submitted: 1/1/2017
  • Student: Elizabeth Smith, Activity: Introduction Quiz, Submitted: 2/4/2017
  • Student: Mary Jones, Activity: Unit 2 Exam, Submitted: 1/7/2017
  • Student: Steven Marshall, Activity: Unit 3 Exam, Submitted: 2/7/2017

One of the reasons why Buzz groups the submissions for the same activity together is to better help the teacher grade more efficiently. For example, grade all of the same activity instead of jumping back and forth between the same activities.

Does this help?

David Magin

I cannot find a way to access the third grade ELA materials.  I do have my Math set up and have been using all year.  Do I need to talk to MY administrator or am I just missing something?  Dryden schools purchased author accounts that were to include Math (got it), ELA and Social Studies.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey David, I am sorry for the difficulties you are having. We, at Agilix, are unaware of how your school has organized their content. I would strongly recommend that you reach out to your school or system admin to help you locate the materials.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday break!

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